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  1. Henry is often amused by Catherine's naïve nature, and playfully guides her to a better understanding, as can be seen during their walk around Beechen Cliff and on the ride to Northanger Abbey. But his behavior, especially when compared to that of the boorish John Thorpe, is always gentle and caring. He adores his sister, Eleanor, and loves ...

  2. In creating Catherine, the heroine of Northanger Abbey, Austen creates the heroine of a Gothic novel. Both Austen and Catherine portray Catherine's life in heroic terms—Austen humorously, and Catherine seriously, especially when she suspects General Tilney of murdering his wife. Because Austen couches her portrayal of Catherine in irony ...

  3. Dec 11, 2021 · After discovering that Catherine Morland was not the great heiress he thought her to be, General Tilney ordered his daughter, Eleanor, to oust Catherine from Northanger Abbey. Heretofore, Jane Austen has depicted Eleanor as a quiet, genteel, and deferential young lady, who had not been given much of a center stage.

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    General Tilney is a character in Northanger Abbey. He is a high-ranking member of the military, and is also the head of the very wealthy Tilney family of Northanger Abbey. His name is likely "Frederick", after the custom of naming the eldest male child after the father.

    Marriage Tilney married a very wealthy heiress, a Miss Drummond, who brought in a dowry of £20,000. He had three children with her, Frederick, Henry, and Eleanor. As a husband, Tilney was a bit neglectful, or at least Catherine Morland believes so when she hears an account from Eleanor. General Tilney never accompanied his wife on her favorite walks around Northanger, and he refused to hang her portrait in his bedroom and actually refused to show it in the house at all due to his ...

    He is very handsome with a commanding aspect. His age makes him past the bloom, but he still has the vigor of life. He is very proud of his heritage, and his estate. He shows the admirable qualities of the estate to his young guest, Catherine, and supplies most of the praise, as Catherine's eye is not practiced enough to see real quality in the furnishings or architecture. He is sometimes very odd, seen in how he paces around the drawing-room with his eyes downcast, clearly lost in thought. Acco...

  5. Nov 12, 2019 · In Jane Austen’s words, Henry Tilney, the hero of Northanger Abbey, seemed to be about “ four or five and twenty, was rather tall, had a pleasing countenance, a very intelligent and lively eye, and, if not quite handsome, was very near it.”. In addition he came from a respectable family in Gloucestershire.

  6. Jan 21, 2008 · Jane Austen was doing something very different in NA from what she did in her other novels. They are more straightforward story-wise; in this book she is consciously mimicking the storyline of Udolpho. Catherine and Henry are designed as atypical of the Gothic heroine and hero in being relentlessly normal and everyday types of people.