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  1. Henry Tilney: Your imagination may be overactive, but your instinct was true. Our mother did suffer grievously and at the hands of our father. Do you remember I spoke of a kind of vampirism? Catherine Morland: Yes. Henry Tilney: Perhaps it was stupid to express it so, but we did watch him drain the life out of her with his coldness and his cruelty.

  2. In creating Catherine, the heroine of Northanger Abbey, Austen creates the heroine of a Gothic novel. Both Austen and Catherine portray Catherine's life in heroic terms—Austen humorously, and Catherine seriously, especially when she suspects General Tilney of murdering his wife. Because Austen couches her portrayal of Catherine in irony ...

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  4. Henry is often amused by Catherine's naïve nature, and playfully guides her to a better understanding, as can be seen during their walk around Beechen Cliff and on the ride to Northanger Abbey. But his behavior, especially when compared to that of the boorish John Thorpe, is always gentle and caring. He adores his sister, Eleanor, and loves ...

  5. Catherine Morland. Catherine Morland is the heroine of Jane Austen 's 1817 novel Northanger Abbey. A modest, kind-hearted ingénue, she is led by her reading of Gothic literature to misinterpret much of the social world she encounters.

    • Richard Morland, Mrs Morland
    • Northanger Abbey/Woodston Parsonage
    • Female
    • James Morland (brother), Sarah "Sally" Morland (sister), George Morland (brother), Harriet Morland (sister), 2 elder brothers, 3 younger siblings
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    Character. Tilney, with his teasing yet kind-hearted mentorship of Catherine, has been considered the nicest of Austen's heroes. At the same time, with his knowledge of muslin and of Gothic novels, he is the least masculine of heroes. Overshadowed by his military father and elder brother, he is a strangely passive figure, falling for Catherine ...

    • General Tilney
    • Clergyman
    • Male
    • Miss Eleanor Tilney; Captain Frederick Tilney
  7. Nov 12, 2019 · In Jane Austen’s words, Henry Tilney, the hero of Northanger Abbey, seemed to be about “ four or five and twenty, was rather tall, had a pleasing countenance, a very intelligent and lively eye, and, if not quite handsome, was very near it.”. In addition he came from a respectable family in Gloucestershire.