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    2017 Quacks (TV Series) (production accountant - 5 episodes) ... 2015 In the Heart of the Sea (assistant accountant) My Mad Fat Diary (TV Series) ...

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    • Amit Varsani
  2. Villages by the Sea (TV Series 2021– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  3. Graham Crowden, Actor: For Your Eyes Only. The imposing Scottish character actor Graham Crowden was one of the most recognizable and reliable British screen actors who worked for over half a century. He was the third of four children of a Scottish Presbyterian classics teacher. His first job was in a tannery in Edinburgh. He joined the Royal Scots Youth Battalion in 1940, but was invalided...

    • November 30, 1922
    • October 19, 2010
  4. Quacks, created by James Wood, is a BBC sitcom about four Victorian era doctors. The series combines satire, absurdist comedy and traditional slapstick, with stories often being based on real history. Despite generally favourable reviews it was cancelled after one series.

    • 15 August –, 19 September 2017
    • BBC Two
  5. James Laurenson, Actor: Boney. James Laurenson was born on February 17, 1940 in Marton, New Zealand. He is an actor, known for Boney (1972), One Day (2011) and State of Play (2003).

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    • February 17, 1940
  6. Captain Kraken and His Crew: This is a story is about three little kids who dream of becoming real pirates. The small fish Flip, the small jellyfish Sue and the sea duck Quack live with their grandfather - rather strange old retired pirate Captain Kraken.

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    • Land of The Giants Replacing Voyage...
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    • The Satan Bug
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    I've been editing/cleaning up this article for the past couple of days and would HATE to see that "article doesn't cite its references" tags, as it was a fairly decent article when I started. I believe a "References" section with cites is needed to avoid such a tag. Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Sundevilesq05:25, 27 June 2007 (UTC)

    The article needs a photgraph to improve its quality. It should include the lead stars but a photo or drawing of the submarine would be nice as well.- Samdeham June 20,2007 1. DVD cover art added...don't know how long before some bot takes 'em down, but they ARE up and comport with Wiki licensing stds. Sundevilesq22:54, 25 June 2007 (UTC)

    Since a person objected to the timeline and deleated it, I take it that there is some type of rule prohibiting it's addition to the main body of the article. I have included it here in the talk section so that fans of the show can enjoy it as it was. Bijou88Bijou8815:26, 7 June 2007 (UTC) - ==Chronology== - - Based on "facts" provided in each episode, a chronologyof the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea universe can be compiled. - - Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaChronology - - The Voyages of the SNSS Seaview 1972-1982 - - - Four point six billion years ago – the Earth was formed. (Geological fact.) - - Four billion years ago – A cellular form of life evolves near the location of what will later become the Vemus seamount. ("The Cradle of the Deep") - - Several hundred million years ago – The Earth’s oceans formed. (Geological fact.) - - 320 to 258 million years ago – Edaphosaurus roamed the earth. (Edaphosaurus appeared in "Turn Back the Clock." Dr. Ernst Zeigler estimated that the cr...

    Can I add again the information about Trino's parody video? "In 2006, an internet video regarding Voyage to the bottom of the sea earned great popularity in Mexico. The video contained the spanish dubbing of one episode, by the mexican cartoonist Trino, where the dialogues were replaced with absurd, often vulgar lines, involving the main characters of the series characterized as homosexuals, in a comical fashion. Since that, the series has gained more adepts in Mexico, becoming a somewhat cult classic. Some of the catchphrases (for example the "tutitu" ["too-tee-too"] one, mimic of a submarine's sonar system noise) of the video have reached some recognizance in popular culture." If it is MAD's parody allowed in the Popular Culture section, why not including Trino's video? It became hugely popular and recognizable in spanish speak countries, where there was not too much people that knew the show.The Trino's video can be found here: —Preceding unsigned comment added by Magegg (talk •...

    I have removed the following: "The comic was also the villain's second appearance, but not his final one as is commonly thought: the character was re-cast mid-way through the filming of the pilot episode, and appeared in five more episodes in the first season. The character was retired when Werner Klemperer joined the cast of Hogan's Heroes in 1965." Dr. Gamma was used in one episode only, the pilot. ABC felt the character was too cliched - a James Bond-type villain, and had him written out of future scripts. Werner Klemperer did indeed return to the series, but as different characters. Also, the role was not "recard mid-way through the filming of the pilot episode." The unaired pilot shows Theo Marcuse playing the role fro beginning to end. When edits and reshoots became necessary, the actor was apparently unavailable, and at that point was recast. There's far too much fanwank and supposition in this article. Ssosmcin (talk) 16:40, 17 September 2010 (UTC)

    Re-the color version of the Pilot being shown in black and white, surely the wording is wrong, shouldn it be from a b/w print of the color film, from which copies would have been made for overseas sales etc.., or something similar? (talk) 02:07, 2 November 2010 (UTC)

    ...Land of the Giants was planned as a 1968 mid season replacement show and was filming its first 12 or so episodes starting in sept 1967.This is long before any talks about a 5th season for Voyage.Part of the story may be true,but the pitch was made for Giants long,long before 1968 renewal meetings. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:52, 9 July 2011 (UTC) Neither reason for Voyage going off the air has any reliable sources to back it up, so it all came down. In its place is a brief mention of when Voyage's demise became known to the public with a 1968 newspaper article citation to back it up....William19:30, 4 June 2012 (UTC)

    I changed "USOS Seaview" to "S.S.R.N. Seaview" because it was always S.S.R.N. in the series. USOS was used only in the film.
    The diving bell was not named "Nimr." The "NIMR" (all capitals) on the outside of the bell stood for "Nelson Institute for Marine Research."
    The name of the article about the Seaview is "USOS Seaview." It should be "USOS Seaview/S.S.R.N. Seaview" to reflect the difference between the film and the series. I can't figure out how to change...

    I removed this: "A few later season two episodes were filmed without Richard Basehart, who was away filming 'The Satan Bug'." The Satan Bug was released in April of 1965, long before the second season even aired. I replaced it with the actual reason he missed those episodes. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ssosmcin (talk • contribs) 05:24, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

    The episode guide can be formatted to be more like other series' pages since it is pretty spartan right now. Ratings info is apparently printed in Seaview: The Making of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea by Tim Colliver (1992). So anyone who has that book can add a lot of info and build this page's information up to be more comparable to more modern series' episode guides. Pages 54-55 of the link below give the season ratings for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Seasons 1-3 and the average share:Season 1- 33rd, Season 2- 67th, Season 3- 63rd. who knows how to format the tables that other tv series pages have with the seasons, years, and their rating for the season can plug in this data. I can't find any data for the 1967-68 Season. The above pages also show Lost in Space finished 32nd in Season 1, 44th in Season 2. Time Tunnel (and Green Hornet as well as The Outer Limits Season 2), we can deduce...

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