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  1. May 8, 2020 · Rock Hudson, Vivien Leigh, and Tallulah Bankhead and more appear in Ryan Murphy's Netflix series 'Hollywood'. See the full cast list and how the show's depiction compares to the real people.

    • Liz Cantrell
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    • David Corenswet As Jack Castello. David Corenswet stars as Jack Castello, one of the young aspiring actors trying to find his big break. The war vet from Missouri has dreams of being a movie star.
    • Darren Criss As Raymond Ainsley. Darren Criss plays Raymond Ainsley, another young player with big dreams, but unlike Jack, Raymond wants to make it behind the camera as a director.
    • Laura Harrier As Camille Washington. Laura Harrier portrays Camille Washington, another young actress looking for her breakout role. Camille is the girlfriend of Raymond and has a contract at Ace Studios.
    • Jeremy Pope As Archie Coleman. Jeremy Pope plays Archie Coleman, a man with hopes of becoming a successful screenwriter in the industry. Not only is Archie black, but he's also gay so he feels an immense amount of discrimination.
    • Liam Gaughan
    • Michael Gambon. While he was obviously given the most time to develop the role, Michael Gambon truly embodied Dumbledore. Throughout his five appearances, Gambon hinted at the complexity within the character, showing how his relationship with Harry changes over time.
    • Richard Harris. Richard Harris’ death was a tragedy for the world of cinema in general, especially considering how active he was in his later years. Harris perfectly fit the tone of the first two Harry Potter films.
    • Jude Law. It’s no fault of Jude Law that his depiction comes in last place. While there’s nothing wrong with his interpretation, Law was unfortunately saddled with the weakest material of the three.
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  3. Nov 14, 2017 · Audio CD. $16.89 2 Used from $14.95 2 New from $16.89. Jenna Fischer's Hollywood journey began at the age of 22 when she moved to Los Angeles from her hometown of St. Louis. With a theater degree in hand, she was determined, she was confident, she was ready to work hard.

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    • Horrible Histories
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    In the original Horrible Histories, the cast consisted of an ensemble cast of six actors each of which played the majority of characters. A seventh member, Sarah Hadland, left after the second series but returned with an "also starring" credit for the fourth and fifth. There was also a number of supporting actors who played minor roles. They each a...

    Mathew Baynton

    Main article Mathew Baynton Mathew Baynton is one of the original cast and appeared in every episode of series 1-5. Baynton plays the drums, piano and the guitar. Baynton's real-life son, Bo, appeared in a sketch playing a baby Mary, Queen of Scots. Baynton is known for the following recurring characters: 1. Charles II of England 2. William Shakespeare* (Series 1-5) 3. Phillip II of Spain 4. D.I. Bones

    Simon Farnaby

    Main article Simon Farnaby Simon Farnaby is one of the original cast members and appeared in every episode of series 1-6. He is the tallest member of the cast. Farnaby's dog, Dottie, appeared in several episodes throughout the show. Farnaby is known for the following recurring characters: 1. Death 2. Caligula 3. George III of Great Britain 4. William the Conqueror

    Martha Howe-Douglas

    Main article Martha Howe-Douglas Martha Howe-Douglas is one of the original cast members and appeared in every episode of series 1-5. She is the only female member of the main cast. Howe-Douglas is known for playing the following recurring characters: 1. Elizabeth I 2. Victoria of Great Britain 3. HHTV News Anchorwoman Sam 4. Cleopatra

    While not credited as part of the main cast (with the exception of Hadland, who was part of the main cast in series one and two she was absent from series three but then returned with a "Also Starring" credit) these actors appeared regularly over the series.

    In addition to the main and supporting cast there were also recurring, sometimes uncredited extras. These actors normally filled in minor or background roles. Susie Donkin: Played various roles in series 1 -5 (Uncredited in Series 2 and 3, credited for Series 1, 4 and 5) Rhashan Stone: Richard HHTV Sportreporter (Series 3) Lisa Devlin: Shelley in H...

    Over the 5 series many famous face have appeared, some in a one-off role while others had a recurring role. 1. Meera Syal (Series 1, Storyteller in Twisted Fairytales) 1. Alexei Sayle (Series 2, Arabic healer, Historical Hospital) 1. Tanni Grey-Thompson (Series 3, field reporter for "HHTV Sport) 1. David Baddiel (Series 2 & 3, storyteller Vincenzo ...

  4. May 3, 2021 · The large cast is especially beneficial because the story is told through a series of letters written (and voiced) by its many characters. Alan Cumming and Tim Curry, both Emmy Award-winning actors, voice Dr. Seward and Van Helsing, leading a full cast in a production that won the 2013 Audie Award for Multi-voiced Performance.

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