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    Recruitable mercs in Jagged Alliance 2. This category contains all RPCs of Jagged Alliance 2 and Unfinished Business . RPCs of Jagged Alliance 2. Omerta. Ira Smythe / Dimitri Guzzo / Carlos Dasouza / Miguel Cordona. San Mona. Igmus "Iggy" Palkov.

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    Jagged Alliance 2 Mercenaries. Category page. View source. History Talk (0) The following is a list of mercenaries from Jagged Alliance 2. Trending pages.

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    For a full list of characters in alphabetical order, see Category:Characters The following is a list of characters in the series. This includes mercenaries, RPCs, NPCs, traders and quest related characters. 1 Jagged Alliance 1.1 A.I.M. 1.2 NPCs 2 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games 3 Jagged Alliance 2 3.1 A.I.M 3.2 M.E.R.C 3.3 Recruitable NPCs 3.4 NPCs 3.4.1 Quest Related Omerta ...

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    The game starts when Enrico Chivaldori hires the commander (player) to free Arulco from the dictator Deidranna Reitman, Enrico's former wife. Enrico was a candidate for election since his father was the ruler. He won the elections because he had taken Deidranna as his wife to boost his popularity. However Deidranna murdered Enrico's father and framed him so she could become the next ruler. Enrico escaped, meanwhile Deidranna converted Arulco into an authoritarian state. At the beginning the player must hire mercenaries (via A.I.M. in the beginning and other means later on) to free Arulco from the dictator. Mercenaries start in Omerta where they meet the rebel leader and former election candidate Miguel Cordona, in the rebel hideout. Miguel Cordona and his mercenary allies will help if the player agrees to remove Deidranna's forces from the towns in Arulco.

    The game puts the player in control of several mercenaries that must explore and reclaim towns and territories from enemy forces. The end goal is the death of the country's dictator-monarch, Queen Deidranna, who is located in the country's capital on the opposite end of the country from the player's starting point. As the game advances, the player can hire new mercenaries and acquire better weapons and armour to combat opponents. The game utilizes a map screen to show the map of Arulco and issue high-level orders to up to squads of mercenaries. There is also a tactical screen, where the player takes control of individual mercenaries during real-time interactions and turn-based combat. A player may have a maximum of up to 18 (3 full squads) of mercenaries under their command at once.

    Many familiar items and equipment return. Mainstays such as sun goggles, extended ears, improvised barrel extenders and the Ruger Redhawk Revolverare present, as well as many, many more weapons, attachments, explosives and other miscellaneous items. Molotov cocktails are noticably absent. The game features a "Tons O' Guns" mode which increases the variety of weapons appearing even further.

    Kevin Mantheicomposed the soundtrack for Jagged Alliance 2, who also composes music for television series and films.

    After the release of the original Jagged Alliance 2, two sequels and various mods have been released. A standalone sequel called Unfinished Business was released in 2001 and Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfirewas released in 2004. Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Pack (which includes both Jagged Alliance 2 and Unfinished Business) was released in 2002.

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    Mercenaries. Based on: Revision 8918 on gamedir 2579 | Last update: January 11, 2021. This table contains all mercenaries within Jagged Alliance 2 1.13. Scroll right to see all attributes, filter through the search panel on the right, and sort by clicking on the column header to get to the desired data.

    Alan "Spam" Webster
    Alish "Perko" Perkopoulos
    Anita "Mouse" Backman
    Barry Unger
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    The characters in Jagged Alliance 2 are mercenaries, enemies, allies and the townsfolk; many of the NPC characters may be interacted with. The game is played almost entirely through the mercenaries chosen. Mercenaries can be hired from private military company websites, or recruited from the local citizenry.

    • Sir-Tech Canada
    • EU: April 1999, NA: July 23, 1999, WW: 2000 (Linux), WW: November 15, 2013 (OS X)
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    The Following is a list of the characters in the Jagged Alliance series. A character page-list can be found here.

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    The Dreaded: In Jagged Alliance 2, many of your mercs will respond with fear when they realize Deidrianna has hired him, and a few are intimidated enough to resist orders to shoot him. Worthy Opponent: Several of the mercs who are not intimidated instead jump at the opportunity to kill a living legend like Mike.

  10. Useful, and not so useful Skills (?) - Jagged Alliance 2 › boards › 197667-jagged

    2) Does he have night ops, which is superior to stealthy, in terms of getting close enough to an enemy (at night of course)? Nope. The only 2 mercs with night ops and a melee skill are Dr Q and Numb. Numb has lower AP and worse accuracy than Dr Q, while Dr Q does slightly less damage.

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