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  1. Every Major Walking Dead Character Who Died (So Far) › walking-dead-tv-show-every-major
    • Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) Shane Walsh, played by future The Punisher star Jon Bernthal, began The Walking Dead as Rick Grimes' best friend, but they ended up at each others' throats due to a mutual love for Rick's wife Lori and a mutual desire to lead the group.
    • Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) Lori Grimes, the aforementioned mutual love of both her husband Rick and post-apocalyptic boyfriend Shane, met a particularly bad fate early in season 3.
    • Andrea (Laurie Holden) Andrea's undoing ended up being her terrible decision to get romantically involved with Philip Blake, aka The Governor. Andrea met her maker in the final episode of season 3, after The Governor turned on her and left her to be eaten by the reanimated Milton.
    • Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn) One of the most likeable of the initial survivors, Dale dies through no real fault of his own, late in season 2. His death was indirectly caused by Carl, as a zombie the boy had been bothering earlier in the day managed to find its way to the farm.
  2. Mom cast share petition to SAVE the CBS show after ... › tvshowbiz › article-9275181

    Feb 18, 2021 · Actress Mimi Kennedy - who plays Marjorie on the hit show Mom - has shared an online petition started by fans who are calling for the CBS sitcom to be saved after its cancellation. Yesterday, it ...

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  3. Deceased Parents Are the Best - TV Tropes › Main › DeceasedParentsAreTheBest

    Sue and Johnny Storm turned from half-orphans to orphans by the death of their father, Franklin Storm, in early Fantastic Four. Neither Reed Richards nor Ben Grimm had living parents (that was later changed for Reed by John Byrne), Ben just mentioned his Aunt Petunia (who was also first shown by Byrne).

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  5. Every Time Friends Killed Characters (In Canon) | Screen Rant › friends-tv-show-characters-killed

    Oct 18, 2020 · Lily Buffay. Phoebe's life was full of dramatic twists and fascinating details. Over the years, she talked about her life prior to the events of Friends, including how her mother, Lily Buffay died of suicide. As she explained, she and her twin Ursula were 14 when their drug-dealing mom killed herself by carbon monoxide poisoning.

    • Ana Dumaraog
  6. Stephen King's IT: Everyone Who Died In Chapter 1 & 2 › it-movies-stephen-king-every

    Nov 09, 2020 · That means people like Mike Hanlon's parents and Beverly Marsh's dad are ineligible to be counted, as the former pair dies before the first film, and the latter dies between movies. Georgie Denborough (Jackson Robert Scott)

  7. List of dead characters | MS Paint Adventures Wiki | Fandom › wiki › List_of_dead
    • Confirmed Deaths in Homestuck
    • Other Deadness Attributes in Homestuck
    • Dead Characters in Paradox Space
    • Dead Characters in Hiveswap Friendship Simulator
    • Dead Characters in Problem Sleuth
    • Dead Characters in Jailbreak
    • Dead Characters in Psycholonials

    Pre-scratch Earth and Sburb session

    1. Dad – Killed by Jack Noir 2. Mom – Killed by Jack Noir 3. Bro – Killed by Jack Noir 4. Grandpa – Shot with a bullet from a pistol held by Jade, which was relocated mid-shot by Becquerel, who was under the influence of Tavros 5. Halley – Cause of death unknown, stuffed corpse seen next to that of Dream Jade 6. Aimless Renegade – Killed by Jack Noir 7. Windswept Questant – Killed by Jack Noir 8. Writ Keeper – Killed by Jack Noir 9. B1 Black Queen – Deringed by Jack Noir 10. B1 Black King – D...

    Post-scratch Earth and Sburb session

    1. Poppop – Presumably killed by the meteor that brought Janeto Earth 2. Mom – Killed by the Condesce 3. Bro – Killed by the Condesce 4. Grandma – Impaled by the Condesce during Jake'searly childhood and died bleeding 5. Brobot – Exploded after ripping out his own heart 6. Guy Fieri – Killed by Mom 7. Insane Clown Posse – Killed by Bro 8. B2 Hegemonic Brute – also Decapitated, this time by Dirk's dream self 9. Fefetasprite – Dear, sweet, precious fefetasploded (self-destructed), re-killing Fe...

    Post-scratch Alternia and Sgrub session

    1. Aradiabot – Exploded when Aradia ascended 2. Tavros – Impaled with his own lance by Vriska and received a "DEAD." tag . Pre-retcon, he was temporarily revived as a part of Tavrisprite, only to explode. Revived in post-retcon timeline as part of GcaTavrosprite. 3. Gamzee – Killed during the events of Caliborn's Masterpiece, seemingly sliced in half. Half of corpse is absorbed into Lil Cal, merging souls with Caliborn and Arquius. 4. Eridan – Killed by Kanaya via means of bisection and recei...

    As the Hussiebot image at the top of this page becomes outdated with new updates, any of these characters may potentially be moved from their current deadness categories at any time.

    Monkey – In "John's Birthday", John saw a monkey get shanked by another monkey at the zoo.
    A whole pile of dead animals GCat caught in "A Fun Day for GCat", including a mouse, a red bird, a squirrel, an ostrich, a beaver, a duck, a walrus and a wolf.
    Party goers – In The Thirst of Dornamon Gary.3 people try to party with Jeff, and they die.
    Red Hella Jeff – In The Thirst of Dornamon Gary. Jeff became immortal after wishing that his tee shirt representation would age instead of him, he then proceeds to party forever, but he switches wi...

    All deaths of named characters in Hiveswap Friendship Simulator are considered non-canonical. 1. In Volume 1, Diemen Xicaliwill die in one of his bad endings. 2. In Volume 2, the MSPA Reader will kill themself in one of Cirava Hermod's bad endings. 3. In Volume 9, the MSPA Reader is presumably sacrificed in one of Chahut Maenad's bad endings. 4. In Volume 12, Tirona Kasundwill die in one of her bad endings. 5. In Volume 13, Boldir Lamati will die in one of her bad endings, and the MSPA Reader will die in one of Stelsa Sezyat's bad endings. 6. In Volume 14, both Karako Pierot and the MSPA Readerwill die in one of his bad endings. 7. In Volume 16, the MSPA Reader will die in one of Marvus Xoloto's bad endings, and Zebruh Codakkwill die in the other. 8. In Volume 17, Daraya Jonjetwill presumably die in one of her bad endings. 9. In Volume 18, the MSPA Reader will die in one of the Soleil twins' bad endings.

    Demonhead Mobster Kingpin – slain by a last ditch effort from Problem Sleuth by throwing his candy corninto his Fetal Seedpod.
    Mobster Kingpin – slain again by launching from Mount Saint Lardass and then onto a Ham Needle, he can never escape through the Death Door ever again.
    MSPA Reader – Implied suicide
    Guard – Used as battering ram for the door.
    Logorg – Drilled through. Later revived as Drillgorg, but crushed by a prisoner.
    Flood Prisoner – Harpooned by a prisoner. Dies of blood loss.
    Prisoner – Shot head in suicide after the flood prisoner dies.
    Joculine- Shot by Z, Revolver Ocelot style.
    Countless Nantucket police officers
    Ring 3 members
  8. List of Ghost Whisperer characters - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Ghost_Whisperer
    • Main Characters
    • Supporting Characters
    • Lost Spirits
    • Shinies and Shadows

    Melinda Gordon

    Melinda Gordon, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, is the protagonist of Ghost Whisperer. Melinda has been able to see ghosts since she was a little girl. Specifically, she sees ghosts who have not crossed over due to an issue that they need her help to resolve. She helps them find peace and cross over into the light. The gift has been passed on for many generations. She is married to Jim Clancy (David Conrad) and owns an antique shop, located in the fictional town of Grandview. She has many ene...

    Andrea Marino

    Andrea Joyce Marino, played by Aisha Tyler, is Melinda's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) best friend and was part of the main cast during season one. Andrea once worked in New York City, as a lawyer, until she moved to Grandview. She set up an antique store, named The Same As It Never Was, that she owns along with Melinda. Melinda even comes to trust Andrea enough to tell her about her gift of being able to communicate with earthbound spirits, or ghosts. Andrea becomes essential to the store and Melin...

    Jim Clancy

    Jim Clancy, played by David Conrad is Melinda's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) husband. He is the only cast member other than Hewitt to appear in every episode. Jim and Melinda get married and move in at the start of the first season. Jim was a paramedic and firefighter, and the two met when he rescued her from her apartment complex, which had a structural issue. Jim knew of Melinda's unique ability to communicate with ghosts at the start of the series; he helped her as much as he could, though Melin...

    Beth Gordon

    Beth Gordon (portrayed by Anne Archer), Melinda's mother and Aiden's grandmother, has the ability to communicate with ghosts, but chooses not to. She never came to terms with her mother or Melinda when it came to their gifts and prefers not to speak of anything that has to do with ghosts, or her husband Tom Gordon. Before she met Tom, she was in a relationship with a man named Paul Eastman, whom she was having a baby with when he went to jail. Once he died, Beth married Tom and never told Mel...

    Mary Ann Patterson

    Mary Ann Patterson, (played by June Squibb) - Melinda's grandmother and Aiden's great grandmother, now deceased, was a person who spoke to ghosts. It was she who gave lost spirits the title "earthbound." She helped them cross over into the Light (Heaven). Her gift was passed down to Melinda, the current "ghost whisperer." Mary Ann crossed over into the Light so she is currently a "Light" Spirit. She helps Melinda bring ghosts to peace through dreams in two episodes: "Voices" and "The Gatherin...


    Romano (John Walcutt), also known as "Wide Brim"(due to his outfit: black suit and black hat) was an American evil cult leader who lived in Spain, and who committed suicide along with 100 followers in 1939. The energy of the mass suicide made him powerful and strong, and he went to the Dark Side. He can be considered Melinda's true archenemy. He started to trick souls to go with him, by making them refuse to "cross over" into The Light. When Romano first appeared on the show, his appearances...

    These are some of the spirits who either did not cross over or went to the Dark Side (Hell). 1. Laughing Man (appears with Romano and is a ghostly agent for the dark side. He wears a two-piece suit and is usually seen laughing. He was portrayed by Douglas Bierman; death was from accidental ingestion of water dropwort) 2. Bleeding Man (a dark spirit whose right hand is bleeding, hence his name. He was portrayed by Lou Glenn; death was from exsanguination) 3. Bloody Mary, a girl who was accidentally buried alive and died in the coffin, scratching her nails off on the seal of the coffin. Seen in the last seconds of Episode 2, Season 3 4. Giles Nickelburg (plane crash due to pilot error) 5. Greg Carter (car accident due to car going off a cliff) 6. Martha Rucker (building collapse) 7. Unnamed Man (conjunctivitisinfection) 8. Greta Hansen (wheelchair fell down the stairs) 9. Tom Gordon (fell down the stairs) 10. Eli's parents (death from natural causes. Melinda helps them see The Light a...

    Two different kinds of spirits that appear throughout the series. They are sworn enemies of each other, created by the emotions of ghosts, and feed upon others. Aiden Lucas, Melinda's son, is the only one who has the ability to see both of them while his mother and the Watchers cannot.

  9. List of Drop Dead Diva characters - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Drop_Dead_Diva

    In season 6, when Grayson is shot, he plans to propose to Jane but dies in the hospital. He is reborn into the body of Ian Holt, a Death Row inmate whose innocence Jane proves. She helps Grayson adjust to a new life but they face trouble as Owen and Kim are convinced "Ian" is using Jane for her money and Jane is simply rebounding badly.

  10. List of Shameless (American TV series) characters - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Shameless
    • Cast Overview
    • Gallagher Family
    • Other Gallaghers
    • Other Main Characters
    • Recurring Cast
    ACredited as "Special Guest Star" in the opening title.
    BCredited only in the episodes he/she appears.
    C Portrayed by Jane Levy in season 1 and Emma Greenwellin seasons 2 through 6.
    DPortrayed by twins Brennan Kane and Blake Alexander Johnson during seasons 1 to 2, by twins Brandon and Brenden Sims from season 2 to season 7, and by Christian Isaiah since season 8.

    Frank Gallagher

    Francis "Frank" Gallagher (William H. Macy and, in flashbacks, Jacob DeMonte-Finn) is the father of six children. He is a deadbeat alcoholic and drug addict who relies on his children to get by. He also swindles the state welfare system and taught this type of opportunistic deceit to his children. Since Frank refuses to work and most of the children are underage, the family lives far below the federal poverty thresholdfor a family of their size. As mentioned by one of his sons, Lip, Frank is...

    Fiona Gallagher

    Fiona Monica Gallagher (Emmy Rossum), aged 30, is the eldest of the Gallagher children. As a result of her mother's absence and Frank's neglect, most of the responsibility for child-rearing falls on her shoulders, which forces her out of high school in her junior year. Fiona works a few dead-end minimum-wage jobs to support her five siblings. Though often stressed and exhausted, she always carries out her responsibilities. Prone to selflessness, she sometimes needs to be reminded to look out...

    Lip Gallagher

    Phillip "Lip" Ronan Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White) aged 25, is the second Gallagher child and the most academically minded. In high school he was a straight-A student. He created various money-making schemes to help the Gallagher clan survive, such as running an ice cream truck that also sold beer and marijuana and fraudulently taking the SAT's for classmates for a fee; this latter scheme is thwarted by Professor Hearst, an investigator from the Educational Evaluation Service. After testing L...

    Margaret Gallagher

    Margaret "Peggy" Deborah Gallagher (Louise Fletcher), also known as "Grammy", is the mother of Frank and his brothers and the Gallagher family matriarch. She is largely responsible for Frank's bad parenting due to her negligence and abuse towards him as a child. She ran numerous meth labs and was sent to prison after causing a meth lab explosion that killed two college students. She debuts in season 1 when she is visited by her grandsons Lip and Ian. Peggy is happy to meet them before they in...

    Monica Gallagher

    Monica Francis Gallagher (Chloe Webb) is Frank's ex-wife and the mother of the Gallagher children. Monica has bipolar disorder. Although she deeply loves her children and feels terrible for abandoning them, she can never sustain her love and concern for them for very long before succumbing to drugs, selfishness, and depression. The older Gallagher children resent and distrust her, but she is sometimes able to coax Debbie or Carl into spending time with her. In season 1, Frank tricks Monica in...

    Jerry Gallagher

    Jerry Gallagher (William H. Macy) is Frank's twin brother who is introduced in season 1. After visiting their grandmother Peggy, Ian and Lip learn his name and visit Jerry who owes money to her. Jerry is initially unaware of who they are, but shuts the door in their faces when he learns they are Frank's children. Lip reveals they are trying to determine if he is Ian's biological father; however, Jerry forces them to leave at gunpoint. Before she dies, Peggy leaves an unknown amount of money t...

    Jimmy Lishman

    Jimmy Lishman (Justin Chatwin) is a main character in seasons 1–3, a guest star in season 4 and a recurring character in season 5. He is also known as Steve Wilton and Jack. Jimmy is a young man who courts Fiona, going to great lengths to win her over because she is his "dream girl". He has expensive possessions and spends money liberally. Fiona finds this off-putting until she discovers that he is a professional car thief. He later reveals that his real name is Jimmy and that he comes from a...

    Veronica Fisher

    Veronica "V" Fisher (Shanola Hampton) is the Gallaghers' neighbor and Fiona's best friend and confidante. She often gives Fiona advice concerning relationships, caring for her siblings, and caring for herself. Veronica pursued a hospital medical career until she was fired for stealing medical supplies, and works at a nursing home at the beginning of the series, while moonlighting as a cam girl. In season 1, she and Kevin get married, although the marriage is not valid since Kev is still legal...

    Kevin Ball

    Kevin "Kev" Ball (Steve Howey) is Veronica's husband. He is separated from his first wife, whom he left after she abused him. Kev is the owner of the Alibi Room and is the Gallaghers' neighbor and friend. Though frequently annoyed by Frank's lifestyle, he gives Frank drinks on credit at his bar and cashes his disability checks for him. Kev is dyslexicand grew up in foster care. When Kev and Veronica take in a girl named Ethel, Kev takes it upon himself to make her feel as comfortable as possi...


    Tommy (Michael Patrick McGill) is a heavyset, cheery regular at The Alibi Room (A drunk). He is an acquaintance of Frank's. He is divorced and has children. He often proudly expresses his conservative views and is shown to be somewhat misogynistic. He works as a construction crew manager and takes Lip on as a summer temporary employee.


    Kash (Pej Vahdat) is the owner of the grocery store Kash and Grab, where Ian works. He has an affair with Ian despite being Muslim and married with children and Ian being underage. When his wife Linda learns of his sexuality, she allows it as long as he gives her another child. Kash is unable to stand up to Mickey who constantly steals from the store. When Linda becomes pregnant, he tries to restart his affair with Ian and is shocked to find him with Mickey. Kash shoots Mickey in the leg. Kas...

    Tony Markovich

    Tony Markovich (Tyler Jacob Moore) is a police officer and the Gallaghers' neighbor who lives with his overbearing mother. Tony courts Fiona and learns of the Gallaghers' illegal activities. In Season 1 while angry at Jimmy/Steve, Fiona sleeps with Tony. The next day, Tony tells Fiona she took his virginity, and becomes clingy. When he learns that Jimmy/Steve is stealing cars, he gives him the choice of turning himself in or leaving town. Steve then leaves Tony the house he bought next door t...

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