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    Sep 01, 2019 · 3 Bears vs Babies Amazon Packaged in a hilarious box covered in brown fur, this monster-building card game, made by the creators of Exploding Kittens, is a strategic game whereby players must create monsters that eat despicable babies.

    • Christine Persaud
  2. How Halo 2 and A.I. gave birth to Alternate Reality Games ... › features › ilovebees-how-halo-2

    May 31, 2018 · Elan Lee, previously chief design officer at Microsoft and most recently co-creator of The Oatmeal's Exploding Kittens and Bears vs. Babies games, was brought on, and they started sketching out...

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    The Reborn! characters have also appeared in Akira Amano's early versions of the series that were meant for adult readers due to the violence that it contained.Amano has referred to most of her characters as "weirdos", and mentioned that though she changed the storyline's style starting from volume 8 of the manga, she still kept adding the weirdo characters.

    Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Tsunayoshi Sawada(沢田 綱吉, Sawada Tsunayoshi), referred to simply as "Tsuna"(ツナ), is the 14-year-old central character of the series. Because of his severely low self-esteem and lack of talent in any activity, Tsuna is known as "No-Good Tsuna"(ダメツナ, Dame Tsuna) at his middle school, Namimori. After being informed that he is the heir to the Vongola Family, due in part to him being the great-great-great grandson of the first Vongola boss from 400 years ago, as well as the untimely deaths of the o...


    Reborn(リボーン, Ribōn) is an Arcobaleno and the holder of the Yellow pacifier of the Sun. The titular character, Reborn is an infant hitman belonging to the Vongola Family. As the Vongola IX's most trusted member, he becomes Tsuna's home tutor and trains him into becoming a Mafia boss using torturous ways. He often shoots Tsuna with special bullets that enhances his abilities; these bullets are created inside his shape-shifting chameleon "partner" named Leon(レオン, Reon), who usually sits on Rebor...

    Hayato Gokudera

    Hayato Gokudera(獄寺 隼人, Gokudera Hayato) is a 14-year-old transfer student from Italy who was placed in Tsuna's class. Hayato is a dynamite expert nicknamed "Smokin' Bomb Hayato" (スモーキン・ボム 隼人 Sumōkin Bomu Hayato), or "Hurricane Bomb Hayato" in the anime. He keeps various explosives hidden on his body and uses those explosives liberally by lighting them with a cigarette (or several) held in his mouth. Initially, he comes to Japan in order to test Tsuna's strength, and after the latter risks his...

    Kokuyo Gang

    The Kokuyo Gang is a group of Mafia criminals that have escaped from one of the highest-security prison. The gang is led by Mukuro Rokudo and was formed after Mukuro escaped from the prison on the eve of his execution along with several prisoners. The gang then moved to Japan to look for the successor of Vongola and took over Kokuyo Junior High within three days. The members of Kokuyo Gang are as follows; Mukuro Rokudo, Ken Joshima, Chikusa Kakimoto, Lancia, M.M, Birds, and Bloody Twins.


    The Varia is the Vongola Family's elite, independent assassination team. They are composed of genius assassins who work in the deepest recesses of the Mafia. Each member takes on missions that are said to be impossible to accomplish by humans, however, they do not accept a mission unless they believe there is a 98% chance of success. Those that see them work often say that their high level assassination skills are demonic. Despite lacking loyalty and respect for other members, they are extrem...

    Millefiore Family

    The Millefiore Family(ミルフィオーレファミリー, Mirufiōre Famirī) is the Mafia family that is engaged in battle against the Vongola Family in the future. The Millefiore is a result of the merging of two separate Mafia families: the up-and-coming Gesso(ジェッソ, Jesso) Family led by Byakuran, and the family with as much history as the Vongola, the Giglio Nero(ジッリョネロ, Jirryo Nero) led by Uni. They are organized into two groups to distinguish their old families, which are then further separated into 17 differen...

    Vongola Family

    The Vongola Family(ボンゴレファミリー, Bongore Famirī) is the most powerful Mafia family since its creation 400 years prior to the start of the series. Giotto(ジョット, Jotto) a.k.a. Vongola Primo(ボンゴレI世(プリーモ), Bongore Purīmo) is the founder of the Vongola Family. His guardians; Alaude, Knuckle, G., Ugetsu Asari, Lampo, and Daemon Spade, all bear similar traits to Tsuna's guardians. After his retirement, he stayed in Japan by the name of Ieyasu Sawada(沢田 家康, Sawada Ieyasu). They possess the Vongola Rings,...


    The Arcobaleno (which means "rainbow" in Italian) is the group of the seven strongest infants, who each possesses a pacifier colored as one of the colors of the rainbow, with each color corresponding with their Dying Will Flame. Their pacifiers will glow when a member nears another Arcobaleno. They were all transformed from adults into their current forms, having sacrificed themselves in order to protect the ultimate power "7³" (Tri-Ni-Sette). Each of them gained their own "curse" and specifi...


    Members of the Consulenza Esterna Della Famiglia (Italianfor "External Consultants of the Family") are unofficial members of the Vongola Family. They hold a very important position in the family's structure, in that, during times of crisis, the CEDEF leader becomes the family's second-in-command. They also have as much voting power as the Vongola boss when choosing the family's next boss, and if the two disagree on who the heir will be, the CEDEF leader has the power to split the Vongola Rings.

    Haru Miura

    Haru Miura(三浦 ハル, Miura Haru) is an eccentric and peppy girl who has a tendency to jump to wild conclusions, and has various odd costumes that she designs herself, as well as a myriad of wild habits. Despite this, she attends Midori Middle School, one of the toughest elite schools to get into in the area. She initially adores Reborn, but after she is saved from drowning by Tsuna, she diverted her adoration towards him instead. She loves and is overprotective of children and is usually the one...

    Hana Kurokawa

    Hana Kurokawa(黒川 花, Kurokawa Hana) is a classmate of Tsuna and Kyoko's friend. She appears more observant and thoughtful than most of the other characters. Though she does not know the truth, she remains suspicious of Tsuna's and his friends' activities. She has a crush on the 15-year-old Lambo, in the normal time. It is hinted that in the future, she has a relationship with Kyoko's brother Ryohei. At the same time she hates children (especially the child form Lambo), to the point where she g...

    Nana Sawada

    Nana Sawada(沢田 奈々, Sawada Nana) is Tsuna's mother, who, despite caring deeply for him, has fairly little belief in her son succeeding in life. She helps feed all the people that are presently living in her house and does not see anything strange with any of them. She seems to be unaware of the fact that both her husband and her son are part of the Mafia, but is aware they are both up to something dangerous. She is voiced by Rika Fukamiin the anime. In the anime, it was also mentioned that she...

    Several types of merchandise have been produced based on the likeness of the Reborn! characters. Apparels from the series include replicas of the characters' clothes, such as Tsuna's X-Gloves or Reborn's hat. Other merchandise modeled after their likeness includes action figures, plush dolls, key chains, and figurines. Characters are also featured in the series' soundtracks, in which their corresponding voice actors perform songs related to their characters. They are also featured in the various games released for the series, including in video games that are mostly of the fighting game genre, and on trading cards that are part of the Reborn! trading card game.

    The characters introduced in the Reborn! series have been both criticized and praised in several reviews of the series. With the first seven manga volumes being devoted to introducing various new characters whilst still focusing heavily on the main characters, a reviewer from believes that "Akira Amano composes each chapter as a separate episode, like a TV series, with a main cast and a guest character appearing each chapter." He describes the ever-expanding cast of peculiar characters as a line-up of eccentrics that fit right in with the main cast, but later comments that the author strains the narrative in the sixth volume due to giving some minor characters like Longchamp Naito too much attention. Still, he positively remarks that the hilariously weird things the characters do has not been done since Seinfeld, and Erin Finnegan of Pop Culture Shock agrees, attributing the story's humor to the characters. Michael Aronson of Manga Life describes it is as the "most...

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    The change of tho Sabbath is the sign, or mark, of the au~hority of the Romish Church. Those who, understanding the claims of the fourth commandment, choose to observe tho false in place of the true Sabbath, are thereby paying homage to that power by which alone it is commanded.

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    Feb 24, 2010 · "My family never owned slaves" is something you hear White Americans say. Although not racist in itself it has the effect of turning a blind eye towards racism. The statement by itself is true for most whites: even back in slave days in 1860 fewer than 2% of whites owned slaves!

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