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    Main Character: Luke Skywalker (Change); Influence Character: Obi Wan Kenobi (Steadfast) The Story of Job: Main Character: Job (Steadfast); Influence Character: The Devil (Change) To Kill A Mockingbird: Main Character: Scout (Change); Influence Character: Boo Radley (Steadfast) The Fugitive:

  2. The 4 Main Types of Antagonists - 2021 - MasterClass › articles › the-main-types-of
    • Villains: The traditional definition of antagonist is a villain—a “bad guy” in the story, often working for evil purposes to destroy a heroic protagonist.
    • Conflict-creators: An antagonist doesn’t have to be a “bad guy.” Sometimes, they’re just a character whose goals are in direct conflict with the protagonist’s, like Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, who is constantly at odds with the main character Elizabeth Bennet.
    • Inanimate forces: An antagonist doesn’t have to be human—the main antagonist can sometimes be a force, like nature. A good example of an antagonistic force is the sea in Robinson Crusoe.
    • The protagonist themselves: The main source of conflict in a story can be from within the main character’s own self—their shortcomings or insecurities are keeping them from reaching their goal.
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    Still, even if all characters are allegedly up for the possibility of a dance with the reaper, the general laws of storytelling (and, more importantly, how actors are contracted) tells us that you can expect the chances of main-character death to increase as you approach the climax of an arc, the final episodes of a season, the final chapters of a book, or the final instalment of a series ...

  4. The Impact Character: Why Every Character Arc Needs One ... › impact

    Aug 24, 2014 · “Impact character” is the term coined by Dramatica authors Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley to describe what is just as accurately termed by editor Roz Morris the “catalyst character.” This is the character who slams into your protagonist, catalyzes him into change, and has a major impact on his life.

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    Jul 21, 2021 · See How the Cast of Dr. Death Compares to the Real-Life Characters in the Chilling True Story Dr. Death, now streaming on Peacock, stars Joshua Jackson as a sociopathic surgeon and Christian ...

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  7. Family Guy: The 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 › family-guy-best-characters-debut

    1 day ago · The main characters were introduced to viewers during season 1, but many important and impactful characters were introduced afterward, especially since that season was so short. These characters changed the lives of the Griffin family while also creating memorable and wholesome moments on the show. In fact, some of these are among the most ...

  8. The Batman: 5 Characters We Want To See In HBO Max's GCPD ... › the-batman-hbo-max-gcpd-characters

    Jul 18, 2020 · This is undoubtedly the biggest want--perhaps even need--in terms of the cast of major characters for the upcoming GCPD police procedural drama. In terms of Gotham's police department, James/Jim Gordon is the face of the police. He's even one of Batman's most iconic allies/friends.

  9. Protagonist and Main Character— Same Person? The Answer May ... › protagonist

    Aug 24, 2015 · Frodo is definitely the protagonist and a main character, but I would consider Aragorn to be the other main character. Aragorn’s arc is just as dramatic as Frodo’s, but he wouldn’t really have a story without the protagonist (Frodo) inheriting the Ring and thus getting the ball rolling with Sauron.

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    The main reason the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy is still in business (along with a handful of other tropes). Just by being the main character, the laws of the world seem to bend around the character in a more than figurative way. For some reason (and not even an explicit ability), just being the main character or on his team protects you from death, serious wounds, and generally ...

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