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    Now the Balbodh style of Devnagari is the primary script used to write Marathi. Some linguists in Pune have recently begun trying to revive the script. Description Overview. The Modi script derives from the Nāgari family of scripts and is a modification of the Balbodh style of the Devanagari script intended for continuous writing. Although ...

  2. Pallava script is the first significant developments of Brahmi in India, by combining rounded and rectangular strokes and adding typographical effects, and was suitable for civic and religious inscriptions. Kadamba-Pallava script evolved into early forms of Kannada and Telugu scripts. Glyphs become more rounded and incorporate loops because of ...

  3. Jul 11, 2003 · The ambahan are usually sang or chanted accompanied by guitars, fiddles, flutes or jew’s harps. Only the Hanunoo of southeastern Mindoro and the Buhid on the south of Bongabon River actually use this type of script (although there is a second type of script unknown to these two groups that is used by the Buhid along the Tangon River).

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