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  1. The Javanese script (natively known as Aksara Jawa, Hanacaraka, Carakan, and Dentawyanjana) is one of Indonesia's traditional scripts developed on the island of Java. The script is primarily used to write the Javanese language, but in the course of its development has also been used to write several other regional languages such as Sundanese, Madurese, and Sasak; the lingua franca of the ...

  2. Chinese characters (traditional Chinese: 漢字; simplified Chinese: 汉字; pinyin: hànzì; lit. 'Han characters') are logograms developed for the writing of Chinese. In addition, they have been adapted to write other East Asian languages, and remain a key component of the Japanese writing system where they are known as kanji.

  3. Feb 15, 2022 · Miyamoto, Masaru. 1975. “The Society and Folk Beliefs of the Hanunuo-Mangyan in Southeastern Mindoro, Philippines.” MA thesis, Tokyo University. ———. 1978. “The Hanunuo-Mangyan Social World.” Senri Ethnological Studies 2: 147-195. ———. 1983. “Customary Law among the Hanunuo-Mangyans of Mindoro Island.”

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