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  1. Mongols learned their script as a syllabary, dividing the syllables into twelve different classes, based on the final phonemes of the syllables, all of which ended in vowels. The script remained in continuous use by Mongolian speakers in Inner Mongolia in the People's Republic of China.

  2. Feb 15, 2022 · Illiteracy has prevented them from coping with the challenge posed by mainstream society in terms of legal issues concerning land as well as development schemes that threaten their culture and ecosystem, and therefore their survival as a people. The process of cultural disintegration and ethnic extinction appears to be irreversible, if proper ...

  3. This new script, which is the dominant modern Chinese script, developed out of a neatly written form of early semi-cursive, with addition of the pause (顿 / 頓 dùn) technique to end horizontal strokes, plus heavy tails on strokes which are written to the downward-right diagonal.