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  1. Pallava script is the first significant developments of Brahmi in India, by combining rounded and rectangular strokes and adding typographical effects, and was suitable for civic and religious inscriptions. Kadamba-Pallava script evolved into early forms of Kannada and Telugu scripts. Glyphs become more rounded and incorporate loops because of ...

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    At the same time, 150 new Korean characters were invented, mainly for names of people and places. Idu system was used mainly by members of the Jungin class. One of the primary purposes of the script was the clarification of Chinese government documents that were written in Chinese so that they can be understood by the Korean readers.

  3. Jul 11, 2003 · Back to article list July 11, 2003 REINERIO A. ALBA I remember in high school coming upon what seemed to be as hieroglyphics. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the writing was, in fact, Filipino and is called “baybayin,” an Indic-based writing. Juan de Plasencia’s “Doctrina Cristiana en lengua española y tagala,” the first continue reading →

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