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  1. Neapolitan alphabet and pronunciation; Arvanitika orthography; Naʼvi phonology and orthography; Lidepla orthography; Intal orthography; Neo orthography

  2. Feb 20, 2019 · Hanunuo Mangyans. The Panaytayan Mangyan Settlement is located in the uplands of Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro, a municipality north of Bulalacao. This tourist-friendly community of at least 500 Hanunuo Mangyans was developed by Antoon Postma. He is a Dutch anthropologist and paleographer who has lived with the Mangyans since 1965.

  3. Together with their northern neighbor the Buhids, the Hanunuo possess a pre-Spanish writing system, considered to be of Indic origin, with characters expressing the open syllables of the language [Postma, 1981]. This syllabic writing system, called Surat Mangyan, is being taught in several Mangyan schools in Mansalay and Bulalacao.

  4. Keep Hanunuo and Buhid Scripts alive. 2,182 likes · 3 talking about this. A global community of people who treasure the Hanunuo and Buhid Scripts of the Mangyans of Mindoro, Philippines

  5. Play Scripts in Spanish. We have more than 150 play scripts in Spanish (complete and free to read and use) that you can use as an example to write your own, or to act them directly without having to pay us! Most of our scripts are easy and short, so they are really good for kids and students that don’t speak Spanish as their first language.

  6. Kulitan is NOT the same as the historical Kapampangan, so saying that Kulitan is the historical writing of the Kapampangans is disingenuous. It is however, "indigenous" in the sense that it is "made" by Kapampangans for Kapampangans. REVIVING THE HANUNUO AND BUHID MANGYAN SYLLABIC SCRIPTS OF THE PHILIPPINES Regarding the scripts of Mindoro.

  7. From Emily Catapang of the Mangyan Heritage Center: The Mangyan Heritage Center has been promoting the Hanunuo Mangyan script and teaching students how to write in the Mangyan script at our...

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