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  1. The script was very similar to the one used in Samudragupta's Allahabad Pillar inscription. Rock and copper plate inscriptions from then onwards, and Xaansi bark manuscripts right up to the 18th–19th centuries show a steady development of the Assamese alphabet. The script could be said to develop proto-Assamese shapes by the 13th century.

  2. A goldsmith (like Gutenberg) designed and implemented an Arabic-script movable-type printing-press in the Middle East. The Greek Orthodox monk Abd Allah Zakhir set up an Arabic printing press using movable type at the monastery of Saint John at the town of Dhour El Shuwayr in Mount Lebanon, the first homemade press in Lebanon using Arabic ...

  3. Was used to write the Maldivian language up until the 20th century. Diak U+11900–U+1195F 𑤞𑥂𑤧𑤭𑥂 Dogra: Takri: Was used to write Dogri. Dogra script is closely related to Takri. Dogr U+11800–U+1184F 𑠖𑠵𑠌𑠤𑠬 Grantha: Pallava: 6th century Restricted use in traditional Vedic schools to write Sanskrit.

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