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  1. The script is also used to write letters, notifications, and other documents. The characters are not memorized in any particular order; learners typically begin by learning how to write their name. Literacy among the Hanunó'o people is high despite a lack of formal education in the script.

    • c. 1300–present
    • Abugida
  2. Nov 28, 2018 · Historically, young Hanunuo men and women learned the Hanunuo script in order to write each other love poems. The goal was to learn as many songs as possible, and using the script to write the songs facilitated this process. Nowadays they are more likely to use digital devices, which are unlikely to support the Hanunuo script.

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  4. Oct 08, 2021 · The Hanunó'o script is used to write love songs or ʼambāhan, and also for correspondence. About 70% of the Hanunó'o are able to read and write their language, and there is at least one person in each family who is literate. The script is also known as Mangyan Baybayin or Surat Mangyan. Notable features

  5. Jul 09, 2019 · Compelled to adopt the common tongues of the Philippines, the Hanunuo is versed in Filipino and English. Nevertheless, they primarily use their mother language, also called Hanunuo-Mangyan, which has its own written syllabic script unlike several native languages. The Hanunuo’s livelihood primarily centers on agriculture and design.

  6. The youth and the Mangyan Scripts. Today, the Hanunuo and Buhid Mangyan syllabic scripts, including the ambahan, are in danger of vanishing. The younger generation is no longer interested in their indigenous way of writing, nor learning the ambahan language. Only the elders know how to write in their original scripts,

  7. The Hanunoo language is unlike many other Filipino languages because it has a written script. As a result, most of the Hanunoo are able to read and write. Interestingly, they write on bamboo, not paper. A densely populated plain covers the entire coastal region of Mindoro.

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