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  1. Existential-Humanistic psychology, through the development of higher self-esteem in an individual, helps to make social contributions to the community and society that they live in. Improving one's self-esteem can be achieved with the help of others (existential therapies, transpersonal psychology, positive psychology, or interpersonal psychodynamic therapy or by self reflection (mindfulness ...

  2. We continuously recreate ourselves through our projects. 6. Anxiety is part of the human condition. 7. Death is a fact of life, and awareness of it gives significance to our lives. Therapeutic goals of existential psychotherapy: 1. To help people see that they are free and become aware of their possibilities.

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  4. Humanistic Psychology. Humanists such as Carl Rogers see people as basically good or healthy -- or at very least, not bad or ill. In other words, they see mental health as the normal progression of life, and mental illness, criminality, and other human problems, as distortions of that natural tendency, which Rogers called self-actualization ...

  5. This is a journey of existential-humanistic psychotherapy taken by three people: the client (Allen), the therapist (Dr. Heery), and the supervisor (Dr. Bugental, referred to as Jim hereafter). This is a journey of meaning and transformation for the three of us out of a cage of diagnosis into unknown possibilities.

  6. Jul 12, 2011 · Professionally, I have implemented this philosophy in my career as an existential-humanistic psychotherapist. I am interested in what it means for each of us to be human. I am interested in what ...

  7. She also utilizes CBT, existential therapies, and an eclectic variety of techniques tailor-made for the client. (480) 787-0866. Verified. View. Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Lezlee has a Bachelors in ...

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