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  1. This knowledge can reduce therapist stress and burnout. Resistance in therapy is a natural, necessary part of every client's problem. It is neither good nor bad, and the effective therapist neither abandons, rescues, nor attacks clients because of their resistance. Resistance is the problem at hand. Many clients are ambivalent about change, and ...

  2. The mutual engagement in the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship is a deep, internal conduit for change, and it entails our clients experiencing the impact they have on us. It empowers them in personal ways we can seldom predict that speak to the uniqueness of who they are.

  3. Which is not an essential aim of existential-humanistic therapy? A. To help clients become more present to both themselves and others B. To assist clients in identifying ways they block themselves from fuller presence C. To dispute clients' irrational beliefs D. To challenge clients to assume responsibility for designing their present lives

  4. May 23, 2019 · Stress, burnout, and professional impairment are prevalent among mental health professionals and can have a negative impact on their clinical work, whilst engagement in self-care can help promote therapist well-being. This literature review examines the role of self-care in the promotion of well-being among mental health practitioners.

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