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  1. Existential humanistic therapy is a type of therapy that emphasizes the humanistic aspects of existence. This type of therapy focuses on the individual’s experience and how it can be used to promote growth and change. Existential humanistic therapy also takes into account the social and cultural context in which an individual lives.

  2. Humanistic psychology is a psychological perspective that arose in the mid-20th century in answer to two theories: Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory and B. F. Skinner's behaviorism. Thus, Abraham Maslow established the need for a "third force" in psychology.

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  5. Dr Merih Bektas Fidan (Birmingham and International) Counselling Psychologist (Consultant) Phone Number: 07989 480 407 / 0121 4440961 Email: Qualifications: Degrees: PhD: Counselling & Psychotherapy, University of Leicester).

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