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    v. t. e. The 1977 Hanafi Siege occurred on March 9–11, 1977 when three buildings in Washington, D.C. were seized by 12 " Hanafi Movement " gunmen. The gunmen were led by Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, who wanted to bring attention to the murder of his family in 1973. They took 149 hostages and killed radio journalist Maurice Williams.

  2. Leaving It All Behind | Washingtonian (DC) › 2010/10/27 › leaving-it-all

    Two of the 9/11 hijackers also attended the mosque, and at least three of the 19 hijackers looked to al-Awlaki for spiritual guidance. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the sole gunman in the attack that killed 13 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, a year ago also worshipped at Dar Al-Hijrah in 2001 under al-Awlaki.

  3. A protester holds a Trump flag inside the U.S. Capitol Building near the Senate Chamber on Jan. 06, 2021, in Washington, DC. Congress held a joint session today to ratify President-elect Joe Biden ...

  4. The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland ... › Day-World-Came-Town-Newfoundland

    It is the story of Gander in Newfoundland where 38 airplanes were forced to land on 9/11 when US airspace was closed. The compassion of the people in Newfoundland is absolutely amazing as they did everything possible to help the stranded passengers.

  5. Philip Sheridan - Wikipedia › wiki › Philip_Sheridan

    Philip Henry Sheridan (March 6, 1831 – August 5, 1888) was a career United States Army officer and a Union general in the American Civil War.His career was noted for his rapid rise to major general and his close association with General-in-chief Ulysses S. Grant, who transferred Sheridan from command of an infantry division in the Western Theater to lead the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the ...

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    The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPDC), more commonly known as the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and the DC Police, is the primary law enforcement agency for the District of Columbia, in the United States. With approximately 3,800 officers and 600 civilian staff, it is the sixth-largest municipal police ...

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    The name was adopted in 1953, after a commercial plane, Eastern Air Lines Flight 8610, entered President Eisenhower’s airspace when he was on board his plane, which had a similar name — Air Force 8610. After the incident, the term “Air Force One” was coined to avoid any confusion about which aircraft is carrying the commander-in-chief.

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    Frances Elena Farmer was an American actress and television hostess. She appeared in over a dozen feature films over the course of her career, though she garnered notoriety for the various sensationalized accounts of her life, especially her involuntary commitment to psychiatric hospitals and subsequent mental health struggles. A native of Seattle, Washington, Farmer began acting in stage productions while a student at the University of Washington. After graduating, she began performing in stock

  9. Timeline of New York City - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_New_York_City

    1702 – Yellow fever epidemic kills more than 500 people. 1703 – Federal Hall facing Wall Street, New York's city hall, built. 1703 – 42% of households own slaves, second in the colonies only to Charleston. 1709 – Founding of Trinity School (New York City), oldest continuously operated school in New York City.

  10. Washington, DC's Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Washington, DC. Crime. 1 dead, 4 hurt in Adelphi condo shooting, Prince George's County police say.