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      • It is metaphysical in its meaning, which is: "who" referring to people; "is" ties those people to an idea; "John Galt" identifies with the entirety of the philosophy of Objectivism. A symbol of all who tire of carrying the load for others. He is the man with the plan.
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  2. John Galt is a famous character in Ayn Rand's novel ' Atlus Shrugged ' in which the oft -quoted question ' Who is John Galt ' is repeated . After unfolding the plot it is found that John Galt is a philosopher and inventor who believes in the power and glory of the human mind and the rights of individuals to use their minds solely for themselves .

  3. Apr 22, 2015 · Ayn Rand. Phyllis Cerf, CC BY-NC-SA. Rand did not invent libertarianism. The thinking, sans the name, had been around since at least the 1920s. And her contemporaries, economists such as Milton ...

    • Gene H. Bell-Villada
  4. Polls. John galt Meaning, Pronunciation and Origin. John galt Meaning. Sacrifice, Innovative, Powerful. John galt name numerology is 6and here you can learn how to pronounce John galt, John galt name origin, numerology and similar names to John galt.

  5. In Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged, she featured John Galt, a man who bucked the norm, a man who stood his ground, and a man who made a difference. In the 21st century, billionaire Elon Musk may be the new John Galt. It took a pair to buy up radically left-leaning Twitter for $44 billion.

  6. John Galt is the primary male hero of Atlas Shrugged. He initially appears as an unnamed menial worker for Taggart Transcontinental, who often dines with Eddie Willers in the employees' cafeteria, and leads Eddie to reveal important information about Dagny Taggart and Taggart Transcontinental.

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