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  1. Man stabs wife, kills himself after obsession with ‘small’ penis

    Police forced entry to his flat where they found the body of his wife Katherine, 31, in a “pool of blood”. Thomas Kemp, 32, is suspected of stabbing his wife to death before killing himself.

  2. Stefan Died On 'The Vampire Diaries' To Save Mystic Falls

    While Damon was unconscious, Stefan killed Katherine and died. As Stefan passed from the world of the living to a new, peaceful Heaven, he saw Elena and told her what he did.

  3. "Engaged to Kill" from 2006 is a Lifetime movie made in Canada, starring Joe Lando, Dominic Zamprogna, Maria Del Mar, and Katherine Isabelle. Based on a true story, the pediatrician wife, Abby (Del Mar) of a businessman Robert Lord (Lando) is kidnapped, and the ransom demand is a million dollars. Somehow overnight, Lord manages to get the money.

  4. 104. Actor Tries to Kill Himself -

    Unfortunately for Brett, Katherine recently made another movie with actor Errol Flynn. This movie, "Love in Baghdad," is a drama involving a married couple who are separated by terrorists. Katherine told Brett she was going to "visit" Errol on his 200-foot yacht after filming was finished.

  5. Girl, 4, pretends to be asleep while dad fatally shoots 2 ...

    A 4-year-old girl pretended to be asleep while a suspected gunman shot and killed two people, then called 911 to warn about three bodies in a Missouri home before turning the gun on himself ...

  6. Did Catherine the Great Kill Her Husband? Here's What We Know

    Would this be Catherine the Great's making? According to a few, the answer is a firm yes. However, as the majority of historians would argue, the would-be Empress couldn't have been held responsible for the assassination, as that would have come as the result of much more complex socio-political issues, a growing sense of public dissatisfaction and the military leaders' desire to exercise more ...

  7. The tragic life and death of a ‘National Lampoon’ legend

    Doug Kenney was a comic genius — but his untimely passing was inarguably tragic. While vacationing in Hawaii in 1980, the National Lampoon magazine co-founder and OG of snark walked past a ...

  8. Serial killer lovers: Why people love murderers - CNN

    Lake killed himself there with a cyanide pill. Ng was later sentenced to death. ... Doreen Lioy married Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker" who killed more than a dozen people. In 1997, she told ...

  9. Kathy Augustine - Wikipedia

    Three weeks after his death, she married William Charles "Chaz" Higgs on September 19, 2003, a critical care nurse who had been involved in Charles Augustine's care. [5] On August 27, 2012, Dallas Augustine shot her partner, Jessie McCaskill, before killing herself at their Phoenix, Arizona home in a murder-suicide .

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