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  1. IMDb Profile Page for aimless-46. The inspiration for this list is the 1988 low budget Hollywood comedy "Glitch", which includes an amazingly erotic fencing scene between a dominatrix bad girl and a character named Brucie - played by Dan Speaker who is considered by many to be the industry's foremost expert in the art of sword fighting.

  2. Due to Sion Sono's uncompromising style, to viewer needs to feel comfortable with his or her own emotional baggage, because the brutality and horror of the plot can strike an unwary heart as obscene - but this is only a mirage, since the themes of the movie, I claim, are perfectly ordinary and everyday, just repressed from our everyday ...

  3. Sarah Dunn Photos (1) Selfies (23) Shades (4) Sleepwalker movie (19) smaller roles PixVids (49) smilebox photos (13) Spooks 9 (21) spooks vids (14) Strike Back (36) Strike Back Special (30) Summer (6) TeeTotallyNot Artwork (8) The Crucible Play (47) The Hobbit (77) The Last of Us (1) The Lodge (6) The Rover (3) The Saville Communion (1) The ...

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  4. Random books from KimSalyers's library. The Word Game: A Novel by Steena Holmes. Patchwork Dreams (Amish of Seymour) by Laura Hilton. Letters from a Patchwork Quilt by Clare Flynn. The Road to Rescue: The Untold Story of Schindler's List by Mietek Pemper. Hollywood Wives - The New Generation by Jackie Collins. BREAKAWAY: The Road to Freedom by ...

  5. Apr 01, 2018 · For that reason and others, we will attempt to describe here why Tatiana Maslany has so rightfully earned the title of SpoilerTV's 2017 Staff Choice Performer of the Year. Alison, Helena, Rachel, Cosima and Sarah, the five main Leda clones, became some of the most unique characters on television and the unlikeliest family.

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  6. Aug 06, 2007 · This movie that is being made about Cultural Theft - why are they filming it in Sweden and having a white Swedish woman making the film? We fight hard to the inclusion of American natives to have equal access in film, print, etc., and rather than seek out an American Indian film maker and film it in this country, they go to Sweden.

  7. In her place is an actress named J.C. Brandy. I have to be honest here, I didn't even realize that she was supposed to be the character of Jamie when I was younger. The last time we saw Jamie she was 9 years old which means she should be 15 in this entry but the girl playing her always came across as being in her mid-twenties to me.