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  2. Monarchy of Norway - Wikipedia › wiki › Monarchy_of_Norway

    The Norwegian monarch is the head of state of Norway, which is a constitutional and hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary system. The Norwegian monarchy can trace its line back to the reign of Harald Fairhair and the previous petty kingdoms which were united to form Norway; it has been in unions with both Sweden and Denmark for long periods. The present monarch is King Harald V, who has reigned since 17 January 1991, succeeding his father, Olav V. The heir apparent is his only son, Crown Prin

  3. Norwegian royal family - Wikipedia › wiki › Norwegian_Royal_family

    It is King Haakon's descendants that today make up the current royal family of Norway. Through marriages and historical alliances, the Norwegian royal family is closely related to the Swedish and Danish royal families as well as being more distantly related to royal families of Greece and the United Kingdom .

  4. List of Norwegian monarchs - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Norwegian_monarchs

    [citation needed] The last king to use the by the grace of God style was Haakon VII, who died in 1957. The King's title today is formally Norges Konge ("Norway's King"), indicating that he belongs to the country (rather than the other way around), with the style "His Majesty".

    Name, reign
    Birth, parents
    Marriages, issue
    Harald III Sigurdsson Harald Hardrada 1046–1066
    c. 1015 Son of Sigurd Syr and Åsta Gudbrandsdatter
    (1) Elisiv of Kiev Two daughters (2) Tora Torbergsdatter (bigamously) Two sons
    25 September 1066 Stamford Bridge, England aged 50–51
    Magnus II Haraldsson 1066–1069
    c. 1049 Eldest son of Harald III and Tora Torbergsdatter
    Never married
    28 April 1069 Nidaros aged 19–20
    Olaf III Haraldsson Olaf Kyrre 1067–1093
    c. 1050 Youngest son of Harald III and Tora Torbergsdatter
    Ingerid of Denmark No issue
    22 September 1093 Haukbø, Rånrike (now Håkeby, Sweden) aged 42–43
    Haakon Magnusson Haakon Toresfostre 1093–1094
    c. 1069 Illegitimate son of Magnus II
    Never married
    1095 Dovrefjell aged 25–26
    • Period of rulership
  5. Prince Haakon of Norway: shirtless, height, wedding speech › tags › prince-haakon

    Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway is the heir to the throne of Norway and the son of the current King, Harald V. Haakon married Princess Mette-Marit on 25 August 2001 in Oslo. They have two children...

  6. Royal descendants of Queen Victoria and King Christian IX ... › wiki › Royal_descendants_of_Queen

    King Harald V of Norway, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and King Felipe VI of Spain are all descended from both Queen Victoria and King Christian IX. The first two monarchs are great-grandchildren of the aforementioned union between Alexandra of Denmark ...

  7. King Harald has participated in a third of ... - Norway Today › news › king-harald-has

    King Harald has been present during the opening of 56 of the 164 parliaments throughout Norway’s history. On Friday, he passes the duty to his son. Every autumn for the past 30 years, the King traveled from the Palace to the Norwegian parliament (Storting). There, he would give a speech that the government wrote for him every year, marking the start of a new parliamentary year.

  8. This was the present king, Harald V, and his two sisters, Princess Astrid and Princess Ragnhild. In the United Kingdom, another of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra’s children became monarch.

  9. Norway's King Harald congratulates President ... - Norway Today › news › norways-king-harald

    Posted By: Robin-Ivan Capar 20. January 2021 King Harald has sent his congratulations to Joe Biden, who was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday.

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