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  1. German painter Lucas Cranach the Elder enriched the German Renaissance with his paintings and wood engravings. A court painter of the Electors of Saxony, he specialized in painting both nudes and ladies in fine clothing, and mostly depicted biblical and mythological themes. He also inspired the Danube school of Austria.

  2. Oct 09, 2018 · Some artworks, however, have gained fame far beyond their contemporaries and have become immortalized in the public memory. Here is a list of the ten most famous works of art. Famous Works Of Art 1. Mona Lisa. Undoubtedly the most famous painting in the world, this iconic piece of art was painted by the multi-talented Renaissance artist ...

  3. Dec 16, 2021 · He also wrote poems, essays, and novels. Noli Me Tangere and its sequel, El Filibusterismo, were his two well-known novels that criticized the Spanish government and inspired peaceful reformists and armed activists. In general, Rizal was an ophthalmologist, sculptor, painter, educator, farmer, historian, playwright, and journalist.

  4. Santayana's main philosophical work consists of The Sense of Beauty (1896), his first book-length monograph and perhaps the first major work on aesthetics written in the United States; The Life of Reason (5 vols., 1905–06), the high point of his Harvard career; Skepticism and Animal Faith (1923); and The Realms of Being (4 vols., 1927–40).

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    The most significant Mexican costumbrista painter is José Agustín Arrieta, whose paintings of a market scene ("La Sorpresa"), a kitchen scene ("La Cocina Poblana"), and a tavern scene (Tertulia de pulquería) are well known. One less famous than Arrieta is Manuel Serrano (ca. 1830-ca

  6. Practise your Spanish reading comprehension with our ever-growing collection of interactive Spanish readers for every CEFR level from A0 to C1! While reading the text, click on any phrase to see the English translation and related Spanish grammar lessons. Our exercises include: Level-appropriate text for you to read; English translations

  7. Madalyn Murray O'Hair (née Mays) born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was a militant feminist activist, well known as the American atheist activist, founder of American Atheists, and the organization's president from 1963 to 1986. Madalyn Murray O'Hair become famous for the Murray v. Curlett ...

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