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  1. Walmart store closures are based on several factors, including historic and current financial performance and is in line with the threshold that guides Walmart strategy to close underperforming locations. Is Target doing better than Walmart? The in store shopping experience at Target is better than the typical Walmart shopping experience.

  2. Walmart has so many products that they have a lot of competition with a lot of different industries. In the supermarket type region, Target, Costco, Aldi, Kroger, Whole Foods Market, Publix, and Harris Teeter are there main competitors. Walmart has a slight advantage over Target when it comes down to cost.

  3. Target is slightly ahead of Walmart in terms of sales, but Walmart has more locations. Another big competitor for Walmart is Amazon. While Amazon is not a brick-and-mortar retailer, it still competes with Walmart in the realm of online shopping. Amazon also offers Prime, which gives members free two-day shipping on many items – something ...

  4. Competitor Analysis Wal-Mart has a strong market share in discount retailing business. Still it has some domestic and international competitors. Wal-Mart’s competitors can be summarized as- Local Competitors (Direct and Indirect) International Competitors Direct & Indirect Competitors by Domestic Region Costco and Target is the direct competitor of Wal-Mart in local region and they pose ...

  5. History and the complete Market and Competitor Analysis of Wal-mart and the factors that influence Wal-Mart’s Management. Muhammad Atif Wal-Mart is well-known American company that operating retail stores including grocery stores, discounts warehouse clubs and combination of general merchandise store.

    • Muhammad Atif
    • Muhammad Atif
  6. In 2014, the firm ranked as the leading public corporations amongst the Fortune Global 500 companies. The company’s sales revenue over the past few months is estimated to be $ 476.294 billion. However, industry analysts are of the opinion that the firm’s revenue fell short of the estimates (Coyle, 2014).

  7. 30 Wal Marts biggest competitor in this segment is Target which produces more from MANAGEMENT MISC at Management Development Institute of Singapore

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