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  1. One of Walmart’s biggest competitors in the retail sector, Lowe’s reported the fiscal year 2018 revenues of $68.61 billion. It is home to the second-largest hardware store chain worldwide. Lowe’s is a publicly-traded firm with American roots established in 1921 by its founders, Carl Buchan and Lucius Smith Lowe.

    • Kroger. Walmart’s greatest rival, with over 3,000 outlets nationally, is Kroger. Grocery products are available in almost every store, and a pharmacy is available in nearly every one.
    • Costco. With 558 warehouses in the United States, Costco is a wholesale membership-only retailer that offers low pricing on bulk supplies at over 804 locations globally.
    • Amazon. In the recent decade, Amazon has expanded dramatically to become one of the world’s largest retailers. In addition, you’ll be able to get your hands on everything from electronics and clothing to pet supplies, home decor, jewelry, books, games, and digital downloads.
    • EBay. The popularity of eBay has waned in recent years. But it is still a Walmart competitor because it offers consumer items, gadgets, and just about everything else that may be sold by the general population.
  2. Walmart’s biggest competitor is Amazon, an e-commerce giant that has been rapidly expanding its business operations around the world. Amazon has been able to gain a foothold in countries such as India and Mexico, where Walmart has been unable to make any significant inroads.

  3. Competitor’s Analysis Competitor 1 Kmart and Target Kmart and Target. merchandise as well as superstores (Super Target and Super Kmart) that included a full- line supermarket on one side of the store. Wal-Mart also competed again category retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City in electronics: Toy "R"US in toys, N and Goody's in

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  4. Direct & Indirect Competitors by Domestic Region Costco and Target is the direct competitor of Wal-Mart in local market and they are the more significant threat to the market share of the Wal-Mart. Costco is the largest discount wholesaler which can compete with the Sam’s Club of Wal-Mart (Gough, 2013).Target can be the biggest threat in terms of …

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  5. Who Is Walmarts Biggest Competitor? There are a few companies that could be considered Walmart’s biggest competitor. Target is one of them. They are both large discount retailers with a similar business model. Target is slightly ahead of Walmart in terms of sales, but Walmart has more locations. Another big competitor for Walmart is Amazon.

  6. 30 Wal Marts biggest competitor in this segment is Target which produces more from MANAGEMENT MISC at Management Development Institute of Singapore

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