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    Warren Edward Buffett (/ ˈ b ʌ f ɪ t / BUFF-itt; born August 30, 1930) is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is currently the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of subsidiaries, equities, and cash equivalents owned by multinational holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

    Ownership %
    Acquisition Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
    Materials and Construction
    Electric Transmission
    Luxury Items
    Materials and Construction
    • Valley Falls Company, (1839–1955)
    • Conglomerate
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    Berkshire Hathaway traces its roots to a textile manufacturing company established by Oliver Chace in 1839 as the Valley Falls Company in Valley Falls, Rhode Island. Chace had previously worked for Samuel Slater, the founder of the first successful textile mill in America. Chace founded his first textile mill in 1806. In 1929, the Valley Falls Company merged with the Berkshire Cotton Manufacturing Company established in 1889, in Adams, Massachusetts. The combined company was known as Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates. In 1955, Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates merged with the Hathaway Manufacturing Company which had been founded in 1888 in New Bedford, Massachusetts by Horatio Hathaway with profits from whaling and the China Trade. Hathaway had been successful in its first decades, but it suffered during a general decline in the textile industry after World War I. At this time, Hathaway was run by Seabury Stanton, whose investment efforts were rewarded with renewed profitability a...

    Berkshire's class A shares sold for $339,188 as of January 8, 2020, making them the highest-priced shares on the New York Stock Exchange, in part because they have never had a stock split and have only paid a dividend once since Warren Buffett took over, retaining corporate earnings on its balance sheet in a manner that is impermissible for mutual funds. Shares closed over $100,000 for the first time on October 23, 2006. Despite its size, Berkshire had for many years not been included in broad stock market indices such as the S&P 500 due to the lack of liquidity in its shares; however, following a 50-to-1 split of Berkshire's class B shares in January 2010, and Berkshire's announcement that it would acquire the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, parent of BNSF Railway, Berkshire replaced BNSF in the S&P 500 on February 16, 2010. Buffett's letters to shareholders are published annually. Barron'ssaid Berkshire was the most respected company in the world in 2007, based on a surv...

    Insurance group

    Insurance and reinsurance business activities are conducted through approximately 70 domestic and foreign-based insurance companies. Berkshire's insurance businesses provide insurance and reinsurance of property and casualty risks primarily in the United States. In addition, as a result of the General Re acquisition in December 1998, Berkshire's insurance businesses also includes life, accident, and health reinsurers, as well as internationally based property and casualty reinsurers. Berkshir...

    Utilities and energy group

    Berkshire currently holds 89.8% of Berkshire Hathaway Energy. At the time of purchase, Berkshire's voting interest was limited to 10% of the company's shares, but this restriction ended when the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 was repealed in 2005. A major subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy is Northern Powergrid, which operates in the UK. Until a name change on April 30, 2014, Berkshire Hathaway Energy was known as MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co.

    Finance and financial services

    Berkshire acquired Clayton Homes, a maker of modular homes, storage trailers, chassis, intermodal piggyback trailers and domestic containers. Clayton's finance business, (loans to manufactured home owners), earned $206 million down from $526 million in 2007. Loan losses remain 3.6% up from 2.9%.

    Business data for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class A stock:
    Business data for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B stock:
  5. Every Stock That Warren Buffett Owns, Ranked › news › every-stock-warren
    • Jordan Rosenfeld
    • Apple Inc. Symbol: AAPL. Holdings: 1,003,466,264. Share price: $108.77. Value: $109,147,025,535. Share of portfolio: 48.037% More From GOBankingRates. These Are the Best Banks of 2021 – Did Yours Make the Cut?
    • Bank of America Corp. Symbol: BAC. Holdings: 1,032,852,006. Share price: $24.08. Value: $24,871,076,304. Share of portfolio: 10.946%
    • Coca-Cola Co. Symbol: KO. Holdings: 400,000,000. Share price: $48.62. Value: $19,448,000,000. Share of portfolio: 8.559%
    • American Express Co. Symbol: AXP. Holdings: 151,610,700. Share price: $93.40. Value: $14,160,439,380. Share of portfolio: 6.232%
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    May 13, 2021 · Holdings: 2,630,792. Share price: $9.89. Value: $26,018,533. Share of portfolio: 0.011%. Related: 15 Genius Things I Learned at Lunch With Warren Buffett. Microsoft and partners may be compensated ...

  7. Apr 26, 2021 · Warren Buffett is an investing icon on Wall Street. Since taking the helm of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A) (NYSE: BRK.B) in the mid-1960s, he's led his company's stock to an annualized return ...

  8. 13 Stocks Warren Buffett Is Selling (And 5 He's Buying ... › investing › stocks
    • U.S. Bancorp. Getty Images. Action: Reduced stake. Shares held: 129,687,084 (-1.1% from Q4 2020) Value of stake: $7.2 billion. U.S. Bancorp (USB, $62.21) is the nation's fifth-largest bank by assets and America's biggest regional bank.
    • Bristol Myers Squibb. Getty Images. Action: Reduced stake. Shares held: 31,032,227 (-6.9% from Q4 2020) Value of stake: $2.0 billion. Warren Buffett reversed course on Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY, $65.46) in Q1, cutting Berkshire Hathaway's stake by nearly 7% after bulking up over the previous two quarters.
    • General Motors. Getty Images. Action: Reduced stake. Shares held: 67,000,000 (-7.6% from Q4 2020) Value of stake: $3.8 billion. Warren Buffett tapped the brakes on Berkshire Hathaway's holdings in General Motors (GM, $56.04) for a second consecutive quarter in Q1.
    • AbbVie. Getty Images. Action: Reduced stake. Shares held: 22,868,178 (-10.4% from Q4 2020) Value of stake: $2.5 billion. Buffett first bought AbbVie (ABBV, $116.89) in the third quarter of 2020 as part of a wider bet on the pharmaceutical industry.
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    According to an SEC filing from last year, Warren Buffet had the economic ownership of 16.45% of Berkshire Hathaway’s stock and the voting power of 30.71% of their stock.

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