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  1. Transcending Boundaries

    The Spanish Civil War had perhaps the single most profound effect during this era on Catholic-Jewish relations in America. 50 The war began in July 1936 when General Francisco Franco, a Catholic, led a military coup and attempted to overthrow the popularly elected, left-wing Spanish government.

  2. Frozen War | Future | Fandom
    • Background
    • Reagan Era
    • World War III
    • Post-Moratorium Era
    • Arabian War

    Soviet–American Cold War

    The Soviet–American Cold War (also known as the Lesser Cold War or simply the Cold War) split the temporary wartime alliance against Nazi Germany (1933-1945), leaving the Soviet Union (1922-1991) and the United States (1776-2039) as two superpowers with profound economic and political differences. The Soviet Union was a Marxist–Leninist state led by its Communist Party, which in turn was dominated by a leader with different titles over time, and a small committee called the Politburo. The Par...

    Between the 1980 presidential election and the succeeding presidencies of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the conservative "Reagan Revolution" led by President Ronald Reagan in domestic and foreign policy had a lasting impact on the United States and the West as a whole. Midterm elections in 2010 and 2014 seemed to cast doubt on a true end of the Reagan Era as conservative Republicans claimed two major victories claiming both the House and later the Senate. However, the sweeping policies pursued by the Obama Administration constituted a clear break with Reagan Era economics and social issues, as Americans became more supportive of social issues like gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana as well as showing more support for government involvement in healthcare and education. The 2016 election victory of President Donald Trump immediately stirred debate over whether his rise signified the continuation of the Reagan Era or represented a paradigm...

    World War III (WWIII, or WW3) also referred to as the Third World War or Frozen War I was an international conflict taking place in the Americas, Eurasia (specifically Eastern Europe and the Sino–Japanese orbit) and the Muslim world (isolated skirmishes also took place in Central Europe and Southeast Asia), lasting from June 2014 into late 2028, early 2029 – or roughly fourteen years (although related conflicts began as early as 1998-99). It involved over half of the world’s 194 countries – including all of the great powers – eventually consolidating into one of two major international military alliances: the NATO–Arab coalition, the Spanish–Japanese Axis of Resistance(which Russia, Italy and Turkey are briefly party to at various times) and the neutral United Nations General Assembly and Security Council permanent member-states (Britain, US and China) that become involved only when attacked by Resistance Axis forces. Although the two main factions remain steadfastly against one ano...

    War in the Maghreb

    Between September 2037 and April 2039, the nations of the Latin State, American States and Jordan spearheaded a series of manned-missions to Mars. The loose confederation of North African and Middle-Eastern countries, first established by Jordan and the Independent State of Mecca after the fall of Egyptin 2023, would spearhead the international effort to settle humans on the Red Planet following the conclusion of World War 3 in the mid-2020's. Due to the prevalence of religious sentiment stil...

    Following the devastating War in North Africa (sometimes referred to as the Arabian War, after the principle nation-state involved), which simultaneously resulted in the collapse of the aggressor faction - the European Bloc - the planet was left without a clear unipolar leader aside from the increasingly fascistic Moon Lobby central to Korea, Eurasia and parts of North America. Britain had exhausted most of its land forces defending against scattered German-Slav invasions, and the Latins had all but complete dominance over a majority of the Western Hemisphere. Even what industrialized regions of Europe that remained standing had all relocated off-world to the newly-established exclave of Kepler, the Keplerians winning the concurrent Martian Civil War against New Mecca. But although the Europeans would export their heavy industry and political weight into the cosmos, so too would the Arabians, and they would share Mars... tentatively. The Arabian War would not only shape Earthling ge...

  3. Digital Learning & Online Textbooks – Cengage

    Martin Luther (1483-1546) German monk who led a church reform movement in Germany that became the Lutheran form of Protestantism Absolution At the end of confession, words spoken by a Catholic priest, acting as God’s agent, that grant forgiveness of a person’s sins

  4. Nation and Loyalty in a German-Polish Borderland: Upper Silesia, 1848-1960 Brendan Karch In the bloody twentieth-century battles over Central Europe's borderlands, Upper Silesians stand out for resisting pressure to become loyal Germans or Poles.

  5. Introduction | 2016 | The Muslim 500

    2015 could be called, among other things, The Year of Migrations. I have three in mind and all of them begin or end up in war-torn Syria. The First and most startling Migration is the vast and illegal movement of migrants, mostly Muslim, attempting to reach EU countries — some from Afghanistan, some from Eritrea and sub-Saharan Africa and even from Egypt, but increasingly from Syria.

  6. ‘When I look at the situation in Quebec, the anglos and ethnics are politically powerless.’ ‘Willis also skips over the secular and leftist politics that led Catholic ethnics and working-class voters to take their distance from liberalism and the Democratic Party in 1972.’

  7. David W. Engel (Jan. 8, 1941-Jan. 2, 2021) | News Break

    David W. Engel, age 79, of Holgate, Ohio, passed away on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021, at his daughter’s home in Indiana. He was born Jan. 8, 1941, to the late Forrest and Margaret (Riley) Engel in Defiance, Ohio. Dave was a 1959 graduate of Florida High School. Dave proudly served our country in the U.S. Army from 1960-63 in the 24th Infantry in Germany. He was employed as a Carpenter, and was a ...

  8. A New History of the Thirty Years War | Germany | World Politics

    Detailed history of the thirty years war

  9. France–Germany relations - Infogalactic: the planetary ...–Germany_relations

    Although the war was mostly a conflict between Protestants and Catholics, Catholic France sided with the Protestants against the Austrian-led Catholic Imperial forces. The Peace of Westphalia in 1648 gave France part of Alsace. The 1679 Treaties of Nijmegen consolidated this result by bringing several towns under French control.

  10. Catholics in the Movies ( ).pdf | Protestantism ...

    The number of real Catholic sisters in the United States peaked in 1965, and it was their image not that of the cardinals that Americans saw on their streets. These women were sta¯ng Catholic schools, running hospitals, serving as overseas missionaries, praying in cloisters, and negotiating with clergymen.

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