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      • She is the only main character in the closet at the start of the series. She is portrayed by Erin Daniels. With a rising professional tennis career on her way, Dana Fairbanks was afraid to come out as a lesbian; she was raised in a conservative background and refuses to accept her sexuality, making her a rigid, fearful, and neurotic person.
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  2. Erin Daniels - Wikipedia › wiki › Erin_Daniels

    Erin Daniels (born October 9, 1973) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Dana Fairbanks on The L Word (2004–2007). Her feature film work includes A Single Man and One Hour Photo.

  3. The One with the Lesbian Wedding - Wikipedia › wiki › The_One_with_the_Lesbian

    "The One with the Lesbian Wedding" is the eleventh episode of the second season of the television situation comedy Friends. It attracted mild controversy and censorship as a result of its portrayal of same-sex marriage. The episode first aired on January 18, 1996.

    • January 18, 1996
    • Doty Abrams
  4. Dana Fairbanks | The L Word wiki | Fandom › wiki › Dana_Fairbanks

    Dana Fairbanks was a professional tennis player and a main character of The L Word. She is the only main character in the closet at the start of the series. She is portrayed by Erin Daniels.

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    Carol and Susan announce their wedding plans to Ross, who is very unhappy about his ex-wife getting remarried. Monicacaters the wedding after the original caterer is in an accident. Monica plans the food preparation badly, with very little time for everything to be ready on schedule, so she has everyone helping except Ross who refuses to play any part in the event. Reflecting the larger controversy surrounding gay marriage, Carol's parents refuse to attend the wedding, causing Carol to have second thoughts about her decision, which almost leads to calling the wedding off. This causes Ross to reverse his earlier stance, and instead encourages her to go ahead with the ceremony despite their opposition if she really loves Susan. Carol knows he's right, so the preparations resume. Joey makes his first appearance on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives as Dr. Drake Ramoray. Meanwhile, Phoebe is going through a work problem when the old lady she was massaging died on her massaging table and s...

    Supporting Cast

    Marlo Thomas - Sandra Greene Jane Sibbett - Carol Willick Jessica Hecht - Susan Bunch Phil Leeds - Mr. Adelman Candace Gingrich - Minister Symba Smith - Chrissy Lea DeLaria - Woman James Michael Tyler - Gunther(uncredited)


    Directed By: Thomas Schlamme Written By: Doty Abrams

    As a result of its portrayal of a lesbian couple marrying, the episode attracted some controversy across the United States. Two network affiliates refused to air the episode - KJAC-TV in Port Arthur, Texas and WLIO in Lima, Ohio - citing objectionable content, although the decision drew little press attention, partly due to the small size of the markets in question. Gay and lesbian groups - notably GLAAD - decried the censorship of the episode. While the episode was one of the first mainstream portrayals of gay marriage on US television, it was the second gay marriage on a sitcom that season; the show Roseanne had aired an episode just five weeks before in which the title character coordinated a wedding for her co-worker Leon and his lover Scott. The New York Times claimed "The biggest news about the wedding on Friendswas that it was almost no news at all." However, the fact that Carol and Susan's ceremony was officiated by Candace Gingrich, a gay-rights activist and sister to conse...


    1. This is the first appearance of Marlo Thomas as Sandra Greenein the series. 2. This episode attracted mild controversy and censorship as a result of its portrayal of same-sex marriage. 3. This is the first on-screen wedding in the series: 3.1. Barry and Mindy's wedding is shown in Season 2, "The One With Barry And Mindy's Wedding" . 3.2. Ross and Emily's wedding is shown during "The One With Ross's Wedding" (Season 4) and "The One After Ross Says Rachel" (Season 5) 3.3. Ross and Rachel's w...


    1. When the ceremony begins and Phoebe (as the deceased woman) says "Oh, my god!" her arms are loose. In the next shot, as she says "Now I've seen everything!" her arms are together. Rachel's face also changes in these shots and her arms swap over position on her face. 2. When Ross closes the apartment door after Phoebe enters, the sound of the door closing is heard but the next shot shows the door partly open. 3. At the beginning of the episode when Ross, Carol and Susan are talking, the tod...

  6. Erin Daniels - IMDb › name › nm0006439

    Erin Daniels, Actress: House of 1000 Corpses. Erin Daniels was born on October 9, 1972 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as Erin Cohen. She is an actress and director, known for House of 1000 Corpses (2003), The L Word (2004) and A Single Man (2009). She was previously married to Chris Uettwiller.

    • October 9, 1972
  7. An Onstage Wedding Brings a Broadway Happy Ending to Life ... › 2019/08/04 › theater

    Aug 04, 2019 · During the curtain call for “The Prom,” a show that celebrates inclusivity, a lesbian couple exchanged their marriage vows. Jody Kay Smith, left, and Armelle Kay Harper get married on stage ...

  8. Shane McCutcheon | LGBT Info | Fandom › wiki › Shane_McCutcheon
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    Shane was born in Austin, Texas. Her mother, who was a drug addict, put her into foster care when she was only nine years old. She never knew her father. Shane has known she was a lesbian since she was very young, remarking that her very first crush was when she was 8, on a girl she met in the playground. She dropped out of high school and was as a sex worker on Santa Monica Boulevard. She pretended to be a boy in order to service gaymen, but would never go farther than give her clients handjobs. She later said that she could have been killed if one of them had found out she was female. She quit when one of her customers paid for her to get into hairdressing school. In The L Wordcompanion book, it was revealed that Shane was homeless for at least six months, and slept in her truck. Shane struggled with hard drugs, and still slips back into using in times of depression. Shane is introduced as being uninterested in relationships, and claims to have slept with between 950 and 1200 people.

    Shane is living in a one-bedroom apartment with three militant lesbians at the beginning of season one. She is working as a hairdresser at Lather, a trendy salon that services many Hollywood personalities. Shane is being stalked by one of her ex-lovers, Lacey (Tammy Lynn Michaels) who is bitter that Shane will not commit to a relationship with her. After several confrontations with Lacey, including the stalker's distributing flyers all over gay bars"exposing" Shane's promiscuity, Shane is able to settle the conflict by talking with Lacey about her fear of abandonment. Shane later runs into Clive, a friend she once turned tricks with. He is in need of a place to stay. Shane reluctantly agrees, but kicks him out when she discovers he has been stealing from her and her roommates. One of Clive's high-profile johns, Harry Samchuck, sends his business partner's wife to Shane's salon as an opportunity for Shane to network with Hollywood clients. Shane begins to make a name for herself as a...

    Shane moves in with her friend Jenny Schecter. They find a third roommate, Mark Wayland, whom Shane befriends until Jenny discovers he has been secretly taping them for an exploitative documentary on lesbians. Shane is now a hairdresser for a TV studio, where she hooks up with production assistant Carmen de la Pica Morales. She tells Carmen that she's not interested in relationships, though Carmen continues to pursue her, convinced that she can win Shane over. She is hired by the obnoxious Hollywood producer Veronica Bloom, who makes Shane use her empathy to manipulate others, such as convincing a woman to sign away the movie rights to her life. Shane quickly becomes fed up with using people and quits. Meanwhile, Carmen has hooked up with Jenny in a bid to stay close to Shane and make her jealous. Shane claims to be fine with the situation. It soon becomes clear that Shane has deeper feelings for Carmen but is afraid to get close to another person so soon after being dumped by Cheri...

    By the start of season three, which takes place six months after season two, Carmen has moved in with Shane. Carmen introduces Shane to her family as a "friend." They take a liking to Shane and she becomes very attached to them, having never had a family of her own. Shane and Carmen's relationship becomes very close, as they get matching tattoos which Carmen's grandmother notices are tattoos of matrimony. When Carmen's mom tries to hook Shane up with a family friend, Carmen comes out to her family, causing them to disown her. Shane is hired at Wax, an alternative hair salon in a skateboarding shop. Cherie shows up as one of her appointments. She tells Shane that she's now divorced from her husband, and offers to pick up where they left off. Carmen witnesses this happening and gets upset. Shane later sees Carmen flirting with some Def Jam employees who are investigating her DJing. Shane is hurt and reacts by sleeping with Cherie. Carmen finds out and confronts her. Shane says that Ca...

    The fourth season begins with Shane, severely depressed after her failed wedding, going on a drug binge with Cherie Jaffe. She attempts to get back in touch with Carmen to talk it over, but is shunned by two of Carmen's male cousins, who tell Shane that Carmen never wants to see her again. She arrives home to find Carla there, having fallen back into drug addiction now that Gabe has left her. She abandons Shay at Shane's house. Shane first does not want to take responsibility for Shay and tries to find his parents, but decides that she does not want to condemn him to a life in foster care like what happened to her. When Shay breaks his arm skateboarding, she takes a job modeling underwear for Hugo Boss AGin order to pay the health bills. She enrolls Shay in school, where he befriends a boy named Jared Sobel. Shane becomes close to Jared's mother, Paige, and eventually hooks up with her. Gabe returns to take Shay back, and though Shane tries to fight it, she realizes she is unlikely...

    While touring an apartment with Paige, Shane is caught off guard by the realtor knowing so much about her and people Shane has known in the past. While Paige leaves to pick up her son from school, Shane and the realtor hook up in the apartment she was planning on renting. Paige walks in on this and later confronts Shane, explaining that she can deal with Shane sleeping with other girls. Shane responds by letting Paige know she shouldn't have to live with it, and although she does love Paige, she is not in love with her. Later, Wax is burned to the ground, with hints that it may have been Paige who started the fire. While working as a hairdresser at the wedding of Jenny's boss' daughter, Shane has sex with the bride's sisters and her mother. The ensuing jealousy and chaos prompts Shane to declare a moratorium on sex. However, Shane soon returns to her old ways and has a three-way with Shebar nightclub owner Dawn Denbo and "my lover Cindy". She later has a tryst with Lover Cindi, with...

  9. A History of Lesbians on TV › a-history-of-lesbians-on-tv

    Mar 02, 2020 · Thanks to Showtimes The L Word, lesbians finally have a permanent place on TV. For years, it was rare to see any gay or lesbians characters, especially as regulars on a show. In 1977 Billy Crystal played a gay man on the show Soap, but it isnt until 1991 that a bisexual woman appeared on L.A. Law.

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