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      • The Addams Family is also the first show produced by Elephant Eye Theatricals. After a tryout in Chicago in 2009, the musical opened on Broadway in April 2010. The original cast featured Nathan Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia. Addams Family is also the first show,Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia.
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  2. Sean Astin - Biography - IMDb

    Is the second actor from a "Lord of the Rings" adaptation to have a relative in an Addams Family adaptation. His father, John Astin, played Gomez on The Addams Family (1964). John Huston, who voiced Gandalf in the animated version of The Return of the King (1980), is the father of Anjelica Huston, who played Morticia in the films.

  3. Is the guy who played Gomez Addams on The Addams Family still ...

    In the 1960s American television series, Gomez was portrayed by John Astin. He is still living, aged 89. In The Addams Family (1991), and Addams Family Values (1993), Gomez was played by Raul Julia. Raul Julia died in 1994. In the 1998 television film Addams Family Reunion, Gomez was portrayed by Tim Curry.

  4. 'The Addams Family's' John Astin Reflects on TV Show's ...

    On "The Addams Family," which turned the spooky into smiles, John Astin played Gomez Addams, the monster of ceremonies. "I guess nobody else has a head shaped like mine," Astin said recently. "So, I get recognized quite often." Now, 46 years later, Astin is an acting teacher at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

  5. Addams Family Reunion - Wikipedia

    Addams Family Reunion is a 1998 American direct-to-video comedy horror children's film based on the characters from the cartoon created by cartoonist Charles Addams.Directed by Dave Payne, the film was intended to serve as a pilot for a new proposed television series produced by Saban.

  6. 'The Addams Family' Sequel Series in the Works From Tim Burton

    Oct 22, 2020 · The story of The Addams Family was created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938. The original TV show only consisted of 64 episodes and two seasons but has lived on in syndication over the years. The Addams Family featured John Astin who played Gomez Addams and Carolyn Jones who played Gomez's wife, Morticia. The rest of the cast includes Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester) Ted Cassidy (Lurch), Lisa Loring (Wednesday Addams) and Ken Weatherwax (Pugsley Addams).

  7. The Addams Family (musical) - Wikipedia

    A second tour of North America, produced by Phoenix Entertainment, launched in 2013, starring Jennifer Fogarty as Wednesday, KeLeen Snowgren as Morticia, Jesse Sharp as Gomez, Shaun Rice as Uncle Fester, and Sam Primack as Pugsley. After the second national tour, The Addams Family was due to tour Asia.

  8. 35 Things You Didn't Know About Addams Family Values, The ...

    Nov 18, 2020 · The original Addams Family movie was not overtly political, but the sequel's writer, Paul Rudnick--who also helped re-write the first film--wrote anti-Republican themes into Addams Family Values.

  9. Addams Family star Ken Weatherwax dies aged 59 after a heart ...

    Dec 08, 2014 · The surviving cast members of The Addams Family are John Astin, 84, who played Gomez, Lisa Loring, 56, who portrayed Wednesday and Felix Silla, 77, known for his role as Cousin Itt. The Addams...

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