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    Bradford and Marjorie Elizabeth Norton Ralston: Relatives: Esther Ralston (aunt)

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    For 35 years Bob Barker had been the host of The Price Is Right (1972) game show. Not only is it the highest-rated daytime game show, it's also the longest-running game show in TV history, surpassing the prime-time hit What's My Line? (1950), which ran for 18 years. He also served the show's executive producer since 1987. Named the most popular game show host of all time in a national poll, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Daytime Television in 1999. Although he has graced our television screen for more than four decades, his career continues at full circle.

    In 1996 he made his motion picture debut in Universal Pictures' Happy Gilmore (1996), in which he played himself with Adam Sandler. His real acting debut, however, came when he was asked to play Mel Harris' father in NBC's Something So Right (1996). Another honor came when one of the most historic sites in the history of television, Stage 33 at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, was re-dedicated as the Bob Barker Studio in ceremonies following the taping of the 5,000th episode of \\"The Price is Right\\", on March 11, 1998. Barker is the first performer to whom CBS has ever dedicated a stage.

    Barker was born in Darrington, WA, and spent most of his youth on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where his mother was a schoolteacher. His family eventually moved to Springfield, Missouri, where he attended high school and Drury College on a basketball scholarship. World War II interrupted his studies and he joined the US Navy, becoming a fighter pilot, but the war ended before he was assigned to a seagoing squadron.

    Following his discharge Barker returned to Drury and took a job at a local radio station to help finance his studies. It was there he discovered that what he did best was to host audience participation shows. After graduating summa cum laude with a degree in economics, he went to work for a radio station in Palm Beach, Florida. A year later he moved to Los Angeles, and within a week he was the host of his own radio program, \\"The Bob Barker Show\\". He made his debut in 1956 on national television as the host of the popular The New Truth and Consequences (1950). Ralph Edwards, the show's originator, had sold the show to NBC as a daytime strip, but he had not chosen a host. He auditioned other hosts in Hollywood and New York for weeks, but when he heard \\"The Bob Barker Show\\" on his car radio, he knew he had found the man for the job. Proving that Edwards had chosen him wisely, Barker hosted \\"Truth or Consequences\\" for an unbelievable 18 years, and he and Edwards remain close friends to this day. They drink a toast at lunch every December 21st to celebrate the day in 1956 when Edwards notified him that he was going to become the host of \\"Truth or Consequences\\".

    Barker has been twice named in the Guinness Book of World Records as television's \\"Most Durable Performer,\\" at 3,524 shows, and \\"Most Generous Host in Television history\\" for awarding $55 million in prizes on his various shows. During the ensuing years the $55-million figure has increased to more than $200 million. He has won 11 Emmys as a Game Show Host, more than any other performer, and 2 more as Executive Producer of \\"The Price is Right\\". He also was given the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999, for a total of 14, and won 2 additional awards, for a total of 16 Emmys. He has also received the coveted Carbon Mike Award of the Pioneer of Broadcasters.

    In 1978 he developed \\"The Bob Barker Fun & Games Show\\", a series of personal appearances that attracted record-breaking audiences throughout the US and Canada. He also established the DJ&T Foundation in Beverly Hills, California, the purpose of which is to help control the dog and cat population. He is funding the foundation through his own resources to support low-cost or free spay/neuter clinics. This foundation is named in memory of his wife, Dorothy Jo, and his mother, Matilda (Tilly) Valandra, both of whom loved animals. Barker's work on behalf of animals has garnered him a long list of awards from prestigious humane organizations across the country. In fact, a columnist wrote that Bob has become a part-time television host and a full-time animal rights activist. However, he assures his audiences that there is room in his busy life for both television and animals.

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    Michael Landon was born Eugene Maurice Orowitz, on Saturday, October 31st, 1936, in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. In 1941, he and his family moved to Collingswood, New Jersey.

    When Eugene was in high school, he participated -- and did very well -- in track and field, especially javelin throwing, and his athletic skills earned him a scholarship to USC. However, an accident injured his arm, ending his athletic career -- and his term at USC -- and he worked a number of odd jobs and small roles to make ends meet and decided that acting was for him. However, he thought that his real name was not a suitable one for an aspiring actor, and so \\"Michael Landon\\" was born. Two of his first big roles were as Tony Rivers in I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957) and as Tom Dooley in the western The Legend of Tom Dooley (1959). That same year he was approached by producer David Dortort to star in a pilot called The Restless Gun (1957), which was renamed when the series was picked up to Bonanza (1959). Landon played Little Joe Cartwright, the youngest of the three Cartwright brothers, a cocky and somewhat rebellious youth nevertheless had a way with the ladies. For 14 years, Landon became the heart and soul of the show, endearing himself to both younger and older viewers, and he became a household name during the 1960s and 1970s.

    In 1968, after almost ten years of playing Little Joe, he wanted an opportunity to direct and write some episodes of the show. After the season finale in 1972, Dan Blocker, who played his older brother Hoss and was also a close friend, died from a blood clot in his lung, after gall bladder surgery, but Michael decided to go back to work, revisiting his own character in a two-part episode called \\"Forever.\\"

    By the end of the fifth season in 1989, French was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in June of that same year. Landon was devastated by the loss and pulled the plug on Highway to Heaven (1984). In early 1991, after 35 years of working on NBC, he was axed by the network, so he moved to CBS to star in the pilot of a two-hour movie, Us (1991), in which he played Jeff Hayes, a man freed from prison by new evidence after 18 years wrongfully spent inside. This was going to be another one of Landon's shows but, in April 1991, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He later appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962) to talk about his battle with the disease, and many people in the audience were affected by the courage and energy he showed. Unfortunately, he was already terminally ill by that time, and on Monday, July 1st, 1991, after a three-month battle, he finally succumbed to the disease. His family, his colleagues, and his children were all by his side. His life-time: Saturday, October 31st, 1936 to Monday, July 1st, 1991, was 19,966 days, equaling 2,852 weeks & 2 days.

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    Martin Milner, Actor: Sweet Smell of Success. Martin Sam Milner was born December 28, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan. His mother, Jerre Martin, originally from Oregon, was a dancer with the Paramount Theater circuit. His father, Sam Gordon Milner, a Polish Jewish immigrant, was a film distributor. The Milners moved to Seattle when Martin was a baby and to Los Angeles soon after. At age 15, ...

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    • September 6, 2015
    • December 28, 1931
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    Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane, a radio psychiatrist. He is a pedantic, finicky, overscrupulous, and sometimes pontifical man. Growing up with a cultured mother and "Average Joe" father, Frasier e...
    Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon (later Crane), a Mancunianphysiotherapist and live-in housekeeper hired by Frasier to help Martin with his physiotherapy. Daphne's eccentric, working-class background and...
    David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane, Frasier's younger brother, a psychiatrist in private practice. Fastidious, fussy, and far snobbier than Frasier, Niles' pedantic, neurotic qualities provide a foil...
    Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle, the producer of Frasier's radio show. Originating from Bloomer, Wisconsin, Roz is an attractive single woman with a euphonious voice much-remarked amongst Frasier's listen...

    As many of the plots on Frasiersurround the romantic entanglements of the Crane men, several women have significant minor roles in the series. The more significant of these are listed below, excluding Daphne Moon:

    The following are significant members of the Crane family excluding Frasier, Martin, Niles, and Daphne Crane. Although most of the series revolves around Frasier Crane and his immediate family, occasionally members of Frasier's extended family appear. These are listed below.

    This section outlines the various people with whom Frasier works with at KACL780 AM (the radio station from which Frasier's show is broadcast).

    This section discusses the more significant members of Daphne Moon's working-class family, who hail from Manchester, United Kingdom. Many of the actors who play Moon family members do not have specifically Mancunian English accents: Anthony LaPaglia and Richard E. Grant, who portray two of Daphne's brothers, were not even born in the United Kingdom (LaPaglia is Australian, and Grant was born in Swaziland). This apparent discrepancy is never addressed on the show, but may be taken as an in-joke (see below).

    Alice Doyle

    Alice May Doyle (played by Ashley Thomas, 2002–2004) is the daughter of Roz Doyle. She first appears as a newborn in the fifth-season episode "Life of the Party", and by the end of the series has become a child of six. In season 6, Alice is played by Shannon Curran on episode 19 “IQ.” Her father, Rick Garrett, had only just turned 20 when Roz discovered she was pregnant with Alice, and rather than, as she thought, ruin his life, Roz decides to raise Alice herself and not burden Rick. Alice re...

    Denise Dawson

    Denise Dawson née Doyle (played by Suzanne Cryer) is Roz's older sister. Denise appears twice, first in "The Guilt Trippers", where Roz bemoans Denise's perfect life with her handsome husband Craig. However, there are evident cracks in the relationship, and when she next appears in "Sea Bee Jeebies", Denise receives a call from Craig telling her he's leaving her. Denise regularly puts Roz down using back-handed compliments, such as buying Roz a dress two sizes too small and telling her how go...

    Jen Doyle

    Jen Doyle (Zooey Deschanel) is Roz's 'pushy and opinionated' cousin who visits her in Seattle. Her judgmental attitude irritates Frasier and Roz finds she cannot maintain the all night partying that Jen prefers. She forms an unlikely friendship with Kenny Daly who is inspired by her spontaneity and passion for traveling in "Kissing Cousins".

    This section discusses the significant members of Maris and Niles' household staff who are mentioned on the show. Of these, Marta is significant as the only member of the household staff to have both a recurring role in the series complete with dialogue.

    These are Frasier's old friends from Boston that guest star in certain episodes, influencing the episode's outcome (in addition to frequent guests Lilith and Frederick). The only surviving series regular from Cheers that never appeared on the show was Kirstie Alley, who played Rebecca Howefrom 1987–1993 (seasons 6–11).

    Bebe Glazer

    Bebe Glazer (Harriet Sansom Harris) is Frasier's agent over the course of most of the series, described by Niles as "Lady Macbeth without the sincerity" and said to have "morals that would raise eyebrows in the court of Caligula". An intensely manipulative and seductive woman, with no apparent morals whatsoever outside of getting the best deal for herself and her clients, she is often compared to the Princess of Darknessby most of the characters, Niles in particular, who comments "She's the d...

    Donny Douglas

    Donald Ronald "Donny" Douglas (Saul Rubinek) is Niles' divorce lawyer and, for a period, Daphne's boyfriend and fiancé. Ironically, despite his intense crush on Daphne, it is actually Niles who first introduces the two; they meet during Niles' divorce proceedings, while Donny, who is representing Niles against Maris, is helping Frasier to prepare his upcoming testimony. Although a highly successful lawyer, Donny is exceedingly boorish and brash (his antics include arriving for a meeting with...

    Jerome Belasco

    Jerome Belasco is an implied crime boss, whom Niles and Frasier approach to seek his help in getting one of Maris' parking tickets overturned—an action which soon comes back to haunt Frasier, as he must then provide couples counseling for Belasco's girlfriend. He was portrayed by Harris Yulin, who was nominated for an Emmyfor his portrayal of Jerome.

    Voices for callers who phone in to the Dr. Frasier Crane Showwere provided, in many cases, by famous actors and other personalities. Very often, they would literally call in to the studio to record their parts, without having to appear in person. Since these voices were added in post-production, callers' lines were spoken during live studio filming by crewpersons or other actors—including, very often, Arleen Sorkin, the wife of executive producer Christopher Lloyd. Sorkin appeared in a live cameo during the series finale, "Goodnight, Seattle". Some performers would later appear on the show as unrelated characters. For instance, Linda Hamilton played the final caller during the pilot episode, "The Good Son", and later appeared in the season four finale. There were only three performers to make a call into the show and appear later in the episode. Lilith Sternin, Frasier's ex-wife, in the episode "The Show Where Lilith Comes Back" when she calls in to make a criticism of his advice to...

  6. Danny Thomas - Biography - IMDb › name › nm0858683

    Began his show The Danny Thomas Show (1953) at age 41. Attended the University of Toledo, where he was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Was a posthumous recipient of the 2004 Bob Hope Humanitarian Award. In 1968 he was Interviewed in "The Great Comedians Talk About Comedy" by Larry Wilde.

  7. Is Bob Barker Still Alive? What We Know About His Health in 2021 › bob-barker-still-alive-health

    Apr 08, 2021 · The game show host also said exercise has played a major role in his longevity. “I was able to [work] until I was 83 for two reasons: 1. being a vegetarian 2. working out regularly,” he explained.

  8. Mark Goodson - Wikipedia › wiki › Mark_Goodson

    The Mark Goodson Productions name, logo, and announcement continued to be used for some shows until 2007, when Bob Barker's last episode of The Price Is Right aired. Afterwards, at the close of each episode of The Price Is Right , the announcer credits the show as "a FremantleMedia Production" until 2018; it is now credited simply as "a ...

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    Sally Clare Kellerman is an American actress, singer, and author.. Kellerman's acting career spans over 60 years. Her role as Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in Robert Altman's film M*A*S*H (1970) earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

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    Jon Hamm Hamm at PaleyFest in 2014 Born Jonathan Daniel Hamm (1971-03-10) March 10, 1971 (age 50) St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Alma mater University of Missouri Occupation Actor producer Years active 1996–present Partner(s) Jennifer Westfeldt (1997–2015) Awards Full list Jonathan Daniel Hamm (born March 10, 1971) is an American actor and producer known for his role as Don Draper in the period ...

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