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    Who played Jessie's dad in Bad Moms?

    Who is the actress that plays Jessie on Jessie?

    Who are the actors in Jessie Prescott?

    When did Jessie stop being on Disney Channel?

  2. List of Jessie episodes - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Jessie_episodes

    Jessie goes with the children to the military base in Fort Hood, Texas where her father lives and discovers that her father is about to be married to the mother of Jessie's high school rival Darla Shannon, who tried to drown her in a well. Meanwhile, Emma falls in love with Darla's brother, Caleb, and Darla and Jessie will do anything to keep ...

  3. Nashville (2012 TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Nashville_(2012_TV_series)

    Kaitlin Doubleday was added to the main cast partway through the fifth season, as Jessie Caine, a mother and singer who returns to the scene. Jeffrey Nordling, who recurred during season five, was upped to a series regular for the sixth season, and plays Jessie's ex-husband, record label owner, and Jake's dad. Music

    • October 10, 2012 –, July 26, 2018
    • ABC (seasons 1–4), CMT (seasons 5–6)
  4. The Hot Dad In ‘Bad Moms’ Crushes Gender Stereotypes, But ... › articles › 192399-the-hot-dad-in

    Nov 02, 2016 · For Jay Hernandez, who plays hot dad Jessie in Bad Moms, it was precisely that kind of discomfort that drew him to the film. "Jessie was a character I had never done before, and it was a new kind...

    • Allie Gemmill
  5. Inside Netflix's Stephen King adaptation "Gerald's Game" › entertainment › make-successful

    Oct 03, 2017 · On the other hand, casting Henry Thomas as Jessie’s abusive father almost seems like a cruel joke.

  6. Fun lil Tidbit : Supernatural - reddit › comments › ftf98w

    For you Disney fans out there, I know I was shocked when I saw his face, In the show Jessie the actor who plays Dick Roman plays Jessie’s dad in the show. When I first saw the episode I was like wait that face looks familiar, searched up the actor and found out he played Dick Roman. Yet another person from Disney on Supernatural

  7. Luke Ross, (Cameron Boyce)was adopted from Detroit at the age of five, now 13, and is the typical "ladies man" who often flirts with Jessie. He isn't the brightest, but claims "his freckles make up for it". A similar character from a different show would have to be Zack, from the Suite Life on Deck.

  8. A Visit To The Set of Disney Channel's "Jessie"- Season 4 ... › visit-set-disney-channels

    Jan 05, 2015 · Jessie is also searching for her own way and finding herself in season 4. Keep your eye out for an episode that Debby Ryan even directed! Karan Brar, who plays Ravi, talked to me about how close the cast really is. They pull pranks on each other like real brothers and sisters.

  9. Emmerdale actress Sandra Marvin quits | Entertainment Daily › soaps › emmerdale

    Aug 12, 2019 · Jessie first arrived in Emmerdale in 2017 as the head teacher at the local primary school. She immediately caught Marlon’s eye, but she assumed he and Paddy Kirk were in a relationship together.