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    On Broadway, Christopher was in the original casts of Abelard and Heloise and A Patriot for Me. He was featured in an episode of Cagney & Lacey with fellow Dark Shadows castmate John Karlen and was also a member of the cast of the soap operas Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Guiding Light.

    Personal life

    His first wife, Marilyn Joseph, played Lorna Bellduring the 1840 flashback. He was married to his second wife, Lynn until his death in 2021. They have one daughter, Tara. He was sometimes credited in Dark Shadows as Chris Pennock, particularly when playing dual roles.

    As Jeb Hawkes:

    935, 936, 937, 939, 940, 941, 942, 943, 944, 945, 946, 947, 948, 949, 950, 951, 952, 953, 957, 960, 961, 962, 963, 964, 965, 966, 967, 968, 969, 972, 973, 974, 978, 979, 980

    As Cyrus Longworth / John Yaeger:

    985, 986, 987, 988, 989, 990, 991, 993, 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 1000, 1001, 1002, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1019, 1020, 1021, 1022, 1023, 1027, 1028, 1029, 1030, 1031, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1035

    As Sebastian Shaw:

    1073, 1074, 1080, 1081, 1083, 1084, 1087, 1088, 1090, 1093, 1094, 1106, 1107, 1108

    Christopher Pennock at the Internet Movie Database
    Christopher Pennock at the Internet Broadway Database
    • Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
    • February 12, 2021
    • Christopher Pennock
    • June 7, 1944
  2. Christopher Pennock - IMDb › name › nm0672214

    Christopher Pennock was born on June 7, 1944 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. He is an actor, known for Frances (1982) and General Hospital (1963). He is married to Lynn Pennock. They have one child.

    • June 7, 1944
  3. Feb 17, 2021 · Dark Shadows actor David Selby, a friend of Pennock’s since their days on the 1960s-’70s show, wrote on his blog, “Chris was the most fun loving, generous and kind man with a great smile. He ...

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  5. Christopher Pennock - IMDb › name › nm0672214

    Christopher Pennock, Actor: Frances. Christopher Pennock was born on June 7, 1943 in New York City, New York, USA as Christopher Cadwalader Pennock. He was an actor, known for Frances (1982) and General Hospital (1963). He was married to Lynn Hawley and Marilyn Louise Joseph. He died on February 12, 2021 in Idyllwild, California, USA.

    • Actor
    • February 12, 2021
    • June 7, 1943
  6. Feb 17, 2021 · Dark Shadows actor David Selby, a friend of Pennock’s since their days on the 1960s-’70s show, wrote on his blog, “Chris was the most fun loving, generous and kind man with a great smile.He ...

  7. Mourning the Loss of Dark Shadows Star Chris Pennock ... › pennsylvania › ardmore

    Mar 15, 2021 · Chris Pennock had many acting successes after Dark Shadows. From 1977 to 1980 Chris was on General Hospital as Mitch Williams, a wealthy junior senator. He said that one of his most memorable ...

  8. Who Was Gay In The Original "Dark Shadows" TV Series? › thread › 11378741

    Jerry is married to Julia Duffy. Scott was married at the time he was on Dynasty. Brian Sturdivant was a boy toy of Jonathan's at the time he was cast on DS - he played Claude North. God did he overact!!! Not gay - Mitch Ryan, Dennis Patrick, John Karlen, David Selby, Chris Pennock, Robert Rodan, David Henesey, Roger Davis.

  9. Feb 13, 2021 · He was married to Lynn Pennock ay the time of his passing which happened on February 12th. They have one child. He was previously married to Marilyn Joseph. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends!

  10. Dark Shadows - Wikipedia › wiki › Dark_Shadows
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    Creator Dan Curtis claimed he had a dream in 1965 of a mysterious young woman on a train. The following day Curtis told his wife of the dream and pitched the idea as a TV series to ABC. Network officials greenlit production and Curtis began hiring crew members. Art Wallace was hired to create a story from Curtis's dream sequence. Wallace wrote the story bible Shadows on the Wall, the proposed title for the show, later changed to Dark Shadows. Robert Costello was added as a line producer, and Curtis took on the creator and executive producer roles. Lela Swift, John Sedwick, and Henry Kaplan all agreed to be directors for the new series. Robert Cobertcreated the musical score and Sy Tomashoff designed the set.


    Curtis set out to find the actress to play the girl on the train. Alexandra Isles (then Alexandra Moltke), a young actress with little experience, was discovered and cast in the role of Victoria Winters, an orphan who journeys to the mysterious, fictional town of Collinsport, Maine, to unravel the mysteries of her past. Veteran film star Joan Bennett was soon cast as Victoria's employer Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, a woman who had not left her home in over eighteen years. Stage actor Louis Edm...


    Both theatrical films, House of Dark Shadows (1970) and Night of Dark Shadows (1971), were shot primarily on location at the Lyndhurst estate in Tarrytown, New York. For the TV series, Essex, Connecticut was the locale used for the town of Collinsport. Among the locations sited there are the Collinsport Wharf, Main Street, and the Evans Cottage. The Griswold Inn in Essex was used for the Collinsport Inn, and the town post office was used for the Collinsport Police Station. The Collinwood stan...

    Special effects

    Working within the constraints of the live-to-tape format—with almost every scene done in one take—Dark Shadows displayed an unusually inventive use of costume, make-up and, in particular, special effects. Both time travel and ghosts allowed characters killed in earlier sequences to return, often in period clothing. Séances held in the old mansion were often visited by ghostly apparitions of quivering ectoplasm. Dream sequences included colorful psychedelic spectacles superimposed over ethere...

    Critical response

    Dark Shadows had a rocky beginning. Critics were quick to deem the series rather boring for its heavy use of unknown actress Isles and the slow pace. Variety, in its review on June 29, 1966, of Dark Shadows first episode: "Writer Art Wallace took so much time getting into his story that the first episode of the Neo Gothic soaper added up to one big contemporary yawn."The earliest episodes concerned menacing but unfulfilled conflicts, threatened revenge, then an attempted murder, and, finally,...

    Home video

    MPI Home Video currently holds the home video rights to the series. All episodes were issued on VHS from 1989 through 1995. Episodes 210–1245 (Barnabas' arrival through to the end of the series) have been released on DVD in 26 Collections from 2002 through 2006. Episodes 1–209 were released in 2007 under the title of Dark Shadows: The Beginning. On April 3, 2012, MPI re-released the 32 Collections.The first (and sometimes, the second) collection (from Barnabas's introduction) has been release...


    MGM released a feature film titled House of Dark Shadows in 1970. Dan Curtis directed it, and Sam Hall and Gordon Russell wrote the screenplay. Many cast members from the soap opera, including Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall, Roger Davis, and Kathryn Leigh Scott, reprised their roles. 1971 saw the release of Night of Dark Shadows, also directed by Dan Curtis and written by Curtis and Sam Hall. Actors included David Selby, Grayson Hall, Kate Jackson, and Lara Parker, among others. During the filmi...


    There have been two series of Dark Shadows novels. The first, released during the show's original run, were all penned by romance writer Marilyn Ross, a pseudonym for author Dan Ross, and were published by Paperback Library. Ross also wrote a novelization of the theatrical film House of Dark Shadows. The second series of novels were written by Lara Parker, Stephen Mark Rainey, and Elizabeth Massie.

    1991 TV series

    In 1991, MGM Television produced a short-lived primetime remake that aired on NBC from January 13 to March 22. The revival was a lavish, big-budget, weekly serial combining Gothic romance and stylistic horror. Although it was a huge hit at its introduction (watched by almost 1 in 4 households, according to official ratings during that time period), the onset of the Gulf War caused NBC to continually preempt or reschedule the episodes, resulting in declining ratings.[citation needed] It was ca...

    2004 TV pilot

    Plans for another revival series (or film) have been discussed off and on since the 1991 series' demise, including a TV miniseries to wrap up the plotlines of the canceled NBC series and a feature film, co-written by Dan Curtis and Barbara Steele, utilizing the 1991 cast. In 2004, a pilot for a new WB network Dark Shadows series, starring Marley Shelton as Victoria Winters and Alec Newman as Barnabas Collins, was written and shot, but never picked up. The pilot has been screened at the Dark S...

    2012 film

    In 2012, Warner Bros. produced a film adaptation of the soap opera. Tim Burton directed the film, and Johnny Depp, finally realizing one of his childhood fantasies, starred as Barnabas Collins. However, the film treated the stories comedically, and was not the hoped-for major success.


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    Further reading

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    The dark secrets of a seemingly peaceful island threaten to swallow up an orphaned student when he grows close to a mysterious new teacher. Mama K's Team 4 In the neo-futuristic city of Lusaka, Zambia, four scrappy teen girls join a retired secret agent on a quest to save the world!

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