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    One of Caterina's ancestors, Muzio Attendolo, was the first to adopt the nickname of "Sforza." When he was imprisoned in the early 15th century, his sister Margaret of Attenduli donned armor and rescued him—a decade before Joan of Arc appeared on the battlefield in France. Like these women, Caterina Sforza wore armor and played a military role, but she was no rescuer or saint; Sforza fought for her own purposes.

  2. About the same time that Henry V was writing his letters, a mercenary named Muzio Attendolo Sforza was released from prison in Naples, along with Queen Joanna of Naples, his employer. Both had been imprisoned by the queen's French husband. Sforza could not get along with the new Neapolitan leader, Ottino Caracciolo, and so returned to Rome.

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    When his family was exiled from Perugia and he lost the castle of Montone, he entered Alberico da Barbiano’s "Company of St. George", in which he would make friends with Muzio Attendolo Sforza. At the head of 150 knights, Braccio performed some guerrilla actions which foreshadowed the tactics that his own company would later adopt.

    • Oddo Fortebraccio
    • July 1421 – 5 June 1424
  5. Bianca Riario - Wikipedia › wiki › Bianca_Riario

    Bianca Riario (March 1478 – 1522) was an Italian noblewoman and regent, Marchioness of San Secondo by marriage to Troilo I de' Rossi, and regent of the marquisate and county of San Secondo for her son Pier Maria during his minority between 1521 and 1522.

    • Troilo I de' Rossi, 1st Marquis of San Secondo, 6th Count of San Secondo
    • 1522, Florence, Italy
  6. However, Muzio Attendolo Sforza got out of prison, marched on Rome, and forced Braccio to leave the city. Cardinal Oddo Colonna was elected pope at Constance on November 11, 1417, and he chose the name Martin V. He entered Italy a year later but resided in Florence from February 1419 to September 1420 while Braccio da Montone was in Rome.

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    Muzio Attendolo Sforza; Captain-Commander of the Company of Death. A veteran condottieri, a companion of the late Alberico da Barbiano, who gave him the cognomen “Sforza” as a testament to his strength. Age 47, unmarried but with a bastard child, Francesco.

  8. Caterina Sforza, Her-Story – Love Social Science @ GCU!! › 2020/02/25 › cater

    Feb 25, 2020 · The Sforza family did not come from generations of successive aristocrats but rather had their roots in peasantry. Muzio Attendolo, Caterina’s great grandfather, was born a peasant who fled his home to become a mercenary and eventually became a captain of his own mercenary band. He adopted the name Sforza meaning strength.

  9. Mirrors of Truth: Biscione Bloodlines › 2019 › 01

    The House of Sforza are a powerful Italian criminal bloodline from Milan closely related to the Visconti family. Both the Sforza and Visconti families use a Biscione or serpent eating a child on their coat of arms which displays their wicked nature and is a symbol for pedophilia and cannibalism.

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    Oct 11, 2019 · Two of Costanza’s sons, Muzio and Fabrizio, were, like Caravaggio, stormy characters. Their father, Francesco Sforza, died in 1580, but Costanza and her family were to watch over Caravaggio, their feudal subject, with touching loyalty.

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