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  1. The first woman to be elected as prime minister of a country was Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka ), when she led her party to victory in the July 1960 general election. [3] [2]

  2. Aug 4, 2023 · The first democratically elected female Prime Minister was Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, who took over the leadership of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party when her husband was assassinated...

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  4. The countries that have female leaders are as follows: Bangladesh, Barbados, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, Gabon, Georgia, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Namibia, Nepal, New Zealand, Samoa, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, and Uganda.

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    Sheikh Hasina Wajed
    Prime Minister
    Sandra Mason
    Borjana Krišto
    Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers
    Mette Frederiksen
    Prime Minister
  5. Nov 5, 2020 · [1/24] Moldova's President Maia Sandu, in office since December 24, 2020. REUTERS/Johanna Geron/Pool Brussels, Belgium Share this photo [2/24] Lithuania's President Ingrida Simonyte, in office...

    • Winston Churchill. Elizabeth became queen in 1952, at just 25 years old. When she stepped off the plane from Kenya following the death of her father, Winston Churchill was waiting on the tarmac to greet her.
    • Anthony Eden. The queen’s early meetings with Anthony Eden were dominated by the possible marriage of the queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, to Group Captain Peter Townsend, a divorcée, meaning it was complicated and could involve the state.
    • Harold Macmillan. The queen and her third prime minister did not initially hit it off. “He was unsure whether the Prime Minister’s annual visit to Balmoral was a social occasion, with ‘talking shop’ relegated to the margins, or a Highlands version of his weekly audiences at Buckingham Palace,” according to a government blog post.
    • Alec Douglas-Home. Alec Douglas-Home’s predecessor famously described him to the queen as “steel painted as wood.” Not that he needed an introduction. He was a fellow Scottish landowner — and a childhood friend of the queen’s mother.
  6. May 17, 2022 · Paris CNN — Elisabeth Borne has been named the new Prime Minister of France, the first time in 30 years that a woman has held the position. Borne will replace Jean Castex in the role, the...

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