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    • What kind of armor do vampire hunters wear?

      • When a village becomes taken over, villagers get garlic in their blood making them immune to sucking/vampire and vampire hunter specialist traders appear. Hunters guard the area. Only vampire hunters can wear swiftness armor, hunter armor, and obsidian armor. The heaven version of these sets are the best sets in the game..
  1. is an item dropped by the Vampire. When pressing I while wearing, the player turns invisible. The cloak also grants limited flight. It also looks bad ash (so bad ash we don't have a picture).

  2. Vampire Cloaks are a type of vampire only armor that can be upgraded through the crafting table and rituals. There are five cloaks in total with each upgraded cloak having its own unique stats and buffs. Tier 1 : +3 Armor Tier 2 : +3 Armor, +1 Atk Dmg, Becomes Cloak of Bloody Mist Tier 3 : +4 Armor, +2 Atk Dgm, Becomes Cloak of Bloody Stream Tier 4 : +5 Armor, +4 Atk Dmg, Becomes Cloak of ...

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    What kind of armor do vampire hunters wear?

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  4. Capes are commemorative items and are worn in addition to the player's skin. They also change the appearance of worn elytra. There are various mods such as Optifine that allow players to obtain capes, some even allowing for any custom design to be used. These capes are however not official and only visible to the player using the mod (or in some cases, other users of that mod). Only official ...

    • MINECON 2011
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    Ladies may wear a long (over the shoulders or to ankles) cloak usually called a cape, or a full-length cloak. Gentlemen wear an ankle-length or full-length cloak. Formal cloaks often have expensive, colored linings and trimmings such as silk, satin, velvet and fur. The term was the title of a 1942 operatic comedy. In literature and the arts

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    Locations: 1. Creepy Crypt(Adventure, Apocalypse) 2. Obsidian Pinnacle(Adventure, Apocalypse) 3. Lower Temple(Adventure, Apocalypse) 4. Windswept Peaks(Apocalypse, DLC) 5. Nether Fortress(DLC) Other: 1. Village Merchant 2. Mystery Merchant 3. Luxury Merchant


    When activated, the Ghost Cloak gives the user a small speed boost, the ability to run through enemies, and 50% damage reduction, making it useful when retreating from large groups of enemies. However, using any weapon immediately removes the Ghost Form effect.

    The Ghost Cloak can only be found in the Nether Fortress in Default. This would make it "exclusive" to the Flames of the Nether DLC in Default.

    • GhostCloak
    • Artifact
    • Common Rare
  6. Cloak of Sin. The Cloak of Sin is a bauble added by Botania. When worn in the Baubles Body slot, the Cloak will damage all nearby monsters for the same amount the wearer was damaged by and go on a 10 second cooldown. The Cloak does not trigger on unblockable damage like magic or fall damage.

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