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  1. Depending on the skill and willpower of the wearer, it can do almost anything. The first Green Lantern Ring on Earth in modern times was crafted and worn by Alan Scott and powered by the mystical Starheart. His proved to be the exception, the by-product of the efforts A Green Lantern Ring, it is also known as a Power Ring, is a piece of jewelry that grants the wearer incredible and ...

  2. The Green Lantern ring is the most powerful weapon in the universe, but just like any weapon, it's only as good as its user. Hal Jordan's first real challenge is to overcome being the replacement of Abin Sur (even though he didn't chose to be), who was a loved member of the Corps, specially before Sinestro, Abin's friend and one of the top GL ...

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    Kryptonite is a fictional material that appears primarily in Superman stories published by DC Comics.In its best-known form, it is a green, crystalline material originating from Superman's home world of Krypton that emits a unique, poisonous radiation that weakens Kryptonians.

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    The Crime Syndicate were defeated and imprisoned between Earth-One and Two by Green Lantern in a green bubble. [volume & issue needed] Later the Crime Syndicate were freed by the time travelling villain Per Degaton after he was caught up in a time-storm, discovered their bubble, and freed them. They tried to get him, but he revealed he had made ...

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