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  1. The following is a list of characters from Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, which began with the 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire.The series primarily follows the antihero Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman turned into a vampire in the 18th century, and by extension the many humans and vampires whose lives he has touched in his own long existence.

    The first vampire, made by a fusion with ...
    A 500-year-old vampire with the outer ...
    Bianca Solderini
    Introduced in The Vampire Armand (1998), ...
    A child vampire introduced in Interview ...
  2. 1976–present. The Vampire Chronicles is a series of novels and a media franchise created by American writer Anne Rice that revolves around the fictional character Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman turned into a vampire in the 18th century. Interview with the Vampire (1976) was made into a 1994 film starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio ...

    • Kayleena Pierce-Bohen
    • She Has A Unique Relationship With Religion. Raised a staunch Catholic, Anne Rice's early years were steeped in organized religion until she declared herself an atheist after high school in order to pursue the sort of writing she wanted without criticism.
    • She's Very Active On Social Media. Unlike some more reclusive authors, Anne Rice is incredibly active on social media, particularly Facebook. It's where her fans, which she's dubbed "The People of the Page," can go to find all the latest news about her works, which she shares there first.
    • Her Books Inspired An Annual Halloween Ball. Fans of Anne Rice's works, particularly those involving her most famous literary character, the Vampire Lestat, can celebrate them at an Annual Halloween Ball hosted by the Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club every year in New Orleans, Louisiana.
    • Her Son Is A Successful Author. Talent apparently runs in the family, as her son Christopher Rice is also a successful author in a variety of genres. He predominantly writes thrillers these days with a horror lean.
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  4. However, Rice did not read Frankenstein until the 1990’s. She was struck by the similarity of themes between her and Shelley. An alternative title to Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus. For the Romantics, Prometheus embodied the daemon. Discuss how Interview With the Vampire could, like Frankenstein, also be called Our Modern Prometheus.

  5. May 13, 2020 · Anne Rice’s Influence on Vampires in Literature. Anne Rice burst onto the literary scene in 1976 with Interview with the Vampire, the first book in her Vampire Chronicles. Originally written out of grief for the loss of her daughter, the book went on to be more than mere therapy.

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    Early years

    Rice was born and spent most of her early life in New Orleans, Louisiana, which forms the background against which most of her stories take place. She was the second daughter in a Catholic Irish-American family; Rice's sister, the late Alice Borchardt, also became a noted genre author. She lived in East Haven, Connecticut, until her death in July 2007. About her unusual given name, Rice said: "My birth name is Howard Allen because apparently my mother thought it was a good idea to name me How...

    Writing career

    In 1958, when Rice was 17, her father moved the family to north Texas, taking up residence in Richardson. Her mother had died three years before of alcoholism. Rice attended Richardson High School, and while a student, met Stan Rice, whom she would later marry. She began college at Texas Woman's University in Denton, but relocated with Stan to California, where the couple put down roots in San Francisco, where Anne attended San Francisco State University and obtained a B.A. in Political Scien...

    Return to Catholicism

    In 1996, after spending most of her adult life as a self-described atheist, Rice returned to her Roman Catholic faith, which she had not practiced since she was 15. In October 2004, as she reaffirmed her Catholic faith, Rice announced in a Newsweek article that she would "write only for the Lord." She called Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, her first novel in this genre, the beginning of a trilogy that will chronicle the life of Jesus. In an interview with Christianity Today, headlined "Intervi...


    In 1994, Neil Jordan directed a relatively faithful motion picture adaptation of Interview with the Vampire, from Rice's own screenplay. The movie starred Tom Cruise as Lestat, Brad Pitt as the guilt-ridden Louis and was a breakout role for young Kirsten Dunst as the deceitful little Claudia. A second film adaptation of the Vampire Chronicles, The Queen of the Damned came out in 2002. Starring Stuart Townsend as the infamous Lestat and singer Aaliyah, the movie combined incidents from the sec...


    On April 25, 2006, the musical Lestat, based on Rice's Vampire Chronicles books, opened at the Palace Theatre on Broadway after having its world premiere in San Francisco, California in December 2005. With music by Elton Johnand lyrics by Bernie Taupin, it was the inaugural production of the newly established Warner Brothers Theatre Ventures. Despite Rice's own overwhelming approval and praise, the show received mostly poor reviews by critics and disappointing attendance. Lestatclosed a month...

    Fan fiction

    Rice initially expressed an adamant stance against fan fiction based on her works, releasing a statementon April 7, 2000 that prohibited all such efforts. This caused the removal of thousands of fanfics from the popular FanFiction.Net website. In 2012 she expressed a considerably milder stance in Metro. "I got upset about 20 years ago because I thought it would block me," she said. "However, it's been very easy to avoid reading any, so live and let live. If I were a young writer, I'd want to...

    October 4th, 1948(1965)
    Nicholas and Jean(1966)
    The Feast of All Saints(1979)
    • Author
    • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
    • Stan Rice-spouse
    • October 4, 1941
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