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  1. Jun 24, 2019 · Updated April 24, 2020. In 1967, Albert DeSalvo confessed to sexually assaulting and killing 13 women. The cops thought they found the "Boston Strangler," but DeSalvo was never tried for the murders. Getty Images Self-confessed Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo stands in jail for an unrelated crime. On July 8, 1962, readers of the Sunday edition ...

    • At Least 11 Brutal Murders Were Pinned on the Boston Strangler. Between June 14, 1962, and January 4, 1964 — 13 women from the ages of 19 to 85 were violently murdered; 11 of the 13 slayings were believed to be the work of the Boston Strangler.
    • Although He Confessed, DeSalvo Was Never Convicted of the Murders. DeSalvo was not originally suspected of the crimes. After he was in custody for other rape charges, Desalvo gave a detailed confession of his activies as the Boston Strangler.
    • The DNA Evidence Came from the Body of the Youngest Victim. The announcement represents the most definitive evidence yet linking DeSalvo to the case. Nineteen-year-old Mary Sullivan was found raped, strangled and her “body desecrated” in her Boston apartment in January 1964.
    • DeSalvo Was Sentenced to Life in Prison for Unrelated Rape and Robbery Charges. DeSalvo was sentenced to life in prison in 1967. His lawyer brought up the confession to the stranglings as part of his client’s history at the trial in order to assist in gaining a “not guilty be reason of insanity” verdict.
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  3. May 25, 2021 · Boston Strangler: The Truth About Albert DeSalvo's Childhood. Albert DeSalvo was a convicted rapist who claimed to be The Boston Strangler, a serial killer who strangled and raped 13 women in Eastern Massachusetts from June 1962 to January 1964. But DeSalvo's case was unusual in that he only confessed to being the man responsible for those ...

  4. Nov 27, 1973 · Although DeSalvo confessed the details of the slayings of 13 women from the Boston area to a psychiatrist and became widely known as the “Boston Strangler” through a book and movie of the same ...

  5. Jul 11, 2013 · For years, many asked if DeSalvo confessed to being the Boston Strangler, why was he never charged? PHOTO: AP Photo The 1964 film, The Strangler was inspired by the (then unsolved) killings.

  6. Jul 11, 2013 · BOSTON July 11, 2013 -- A water bottle recovered from a construction site where Tim DeSalvo – whose uncle Albert DeSalvo had confessed to being the internationally notorious Boston Strangler ...

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