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  1. Corpus ID: 166567521. A study of discussions about "Kamishibai" in Japan during World War 2 @inproceedings{2009ASO, title={A study of discussions about "Kamishibai" in Japan during World War 2}, author={鬢櫛 久美子 and 真琴 野崎 and Bingushi Kumiko and Nozaki Makoto and 名古屋柳城短期大学}, year={2009} }

  2. Nov 29, 2012 · Japan not only had a rocket plane, but it was actually a suicide rocket plane during the closing days of World War II. I know... holy crap. Approved in August of 1944 - a full year BEFORE WWII ended, Japan okayed the Divine Thunder God Corp. (Jinrai Butai) a suicide flying bomb program that would feature the Yokosuka MXY-11 Ohka (Cherry Blossom) rocket-powered, human-guided Kamikaze (Divine ...

  3. The army accepted 3,590 L-5s from 1942 to 1945 and used the type extensively during the Korean War as well.World War 2 Planes: Gliders. Waco CG-4. With five airborne divisions, the U.S. Army needed large quantities of glider aircraft amongst its World War 2 planes in addition to transport aircraft for paratroopers.

  4. Japan Although Japan was heavily involved in World War II, it is estimated that only 2.5-3.1 million Japanese were killed in the war, representing only 3.5% of its pre-war population. Of the country’s total casualties, about 2.1 million were military personnel while 500,000-800,000 were civilians.

  5. Oct 01, 2020 · Following such early depictions of the war in film and literature, Japanese historiography on the Second World War began to appear in the 1960s. 5 While the immediate postwar years saw many young people turn away entirely from military-related topics out of strongly-held antiwar beliefs, the Center for Military History at the National Institute ...

  6. Apr 24, 2008 · World War 2. Japan in WW2. Why did japan have casualties in world war 2? Wiki User. ∙ 2008-04-24 06:27:33. See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. Because Americans shot them. And fire-bombed them. And ...

  7. In December 1941 Japan opened the war with its attack on Pearl Harbor, the US declared war on Japan, and Japan's allies Germany and Italy declared war on the US, bringing the US into World War II. The US played a central role in liaising among the Allies and especially among the Big Four.

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