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  1. why definition: 1. for what reason: 2. used to express surprise or anger: 3. the reasons for something: . Learn more.

  2. Why should …: expressing annoyance When we are annoyed about something, we sometimes use the phrase why should: Why should taxpayers have to pay more because the government has not managed its spending properly? Why should old people have to worry about health insurance? Why should I? as a response is very direct and rude:

  3. 12 hours ago · By. Peter Cordi. January 31, 2023 07:00 AM. After video emerged of five black police officers senselessly beating unarmed black man Tyre Nichols to death, many on the Left were quick to blame ...

  4. 7 hours ago · Manning, who is a father of 4, is known for his kindness, grace, professionalism, sense of humor and philanthropic spirit is suiting up once again, this time in bunny pajamas! Eli is joined by his ...

  5. 10 hours ago · Why is France’s pension age so low? Most Europeans are much older than 62 when they begin to receive state-pension payouts. Britain’s pension age is 66. Germany’s is 67. France has two ...

  6. why (ʰwaɪ, waɪ) adv., conj., n., pl. whys, interj. adv. 1. for what? for what reason or purpose?: Why do you ask? conj. 2. for what cause or reason: I don't know why he left. 3. for which; on account of which (usu. after reason to introduce a relative clause): the reason why she refused to go. 4. the reason for which: That is why he returned. n.

  7. Jul 22, 2019 · How to Find Your Why 1. Identify the things you can do to make other people’s lives better. 2. Think back to the activities you did that made you forget about the passage of time. 3. Recall what you liked to do when you were a kid. 4. Think about the things that you are willing to do even if you look like a fool. 5.

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