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  1. Feb 09, 2018 · Matsuno believes that memories of World War 2 and the atomic bomb are wearing thin with time, and fears that history will repeat itself. Therefore, she believes it to be essential that people study the kind of things that happen during a war.

  2. Before World War II. Writers such as Takashi Murakami have stressed events after WWII, but Murakami sees Japan's defeat and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as having created long-lasting scars on the Japanese artistic psyche, which, in this view, lost its previously virile confidence in itself and sought solace in harmless and cute images.

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    Japan's World War 2 numbers (not including anything prior to December 7, 1941) was a Japanese death toll of 3.1-million people… including 800,000 non-military, common citizens. Of course… many millions more died fighting with and against Japan.

  4. After the world is nearly destroyed by a war, a young boy and his friends must fight to save the world from those who seek to conquer what is left of civilization. Stars: Noriko Ohara, Lili Beaudoin, Masatô Ibu, Sabrina Pitre. Votes: 3,992. Without a doubt, Conan has a Marxist bent.

  5. Post-World War II manga are assuredly modern in design, manufacture, and distribution within Japan and, in translation, to the world. [28] [29] But even so, the word "manga" itself dates to the late 18th century [30] and was used by the great 18-19th century Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai for some of his drawings and sketches. [31]

  6. Astro Boy quickly became (and remains) immensely popular in Japan and elsewhere as an icon and hero of a new world of peace and the renunciation of war, as also seen in Article 9 of the Japanese constitution. Similar themes occur in Tezuka's New World and Metropolis.

  7. **Intermittently transmitting warning signals from the outermost rim** Saturday, 30 January 2010. Militarism and Resistance in South Korea 한국 군사주의와 저항

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