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  1. A submarine of the Empire of Japan is in the middle of the South Pacific. Because of a wireless message it received, the submarine crew is carefully patrolling to detect enemy ships. “Hey Kondo, have you spotted the enemy yet?” “No sir, not yet.” Private Kondo is in charge of listening. Sweat is pouring from his face as he focuses.

  2. Storytelling , Self, Society , 2(1) (Fall 2005), pp. 21-31 Kamishibai as Propaganda in Wartime Japan Emily Horner Kamishibai is a form of picture storytelling that evolved in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century. With the coming of World War II, it became one of the most widely used mediums for

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  4. During World War II, kamishibai became as important as film, radio, and other mass media for spreading the militaristic government’s agenda and convincing people of all ages of the divinity of the Imperial lineage (Orbaugh, 2014).

  5. Aug 30, 2019 · By Dr. Tara M. McGowan. Japanese “Paper Theater,” or kamishibai 紙芝居, was invented around 1930 as a street-performance art. The performers, known as gaitō kamishibai shi 街頭紙芝居師, were candy peddlers, who would travel from neighborhood to neighborhood on their bicycles and sell candy or other treats to children before entertaining them with stories.

  6. Students will be introduced to kamishibai and listen to the traditional folktale Momotaro (The Peach Boy). They will then make their own story plate, gathering the most important elements of the story all in one place. Lesson 1 can be used as a standalone lesson for those who don’t have time to follow the whole scheme of work, or for KS1 students.

  7. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, was the impetus for the United States’ entrance into World War II. Key Facts. 1. The United States declared war on Japan the following day, December 8. On December 11, Nazi Germany, Japan’s Axis ally, declared war on the United States. This forced the United States to enter a two ...

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