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  2. After almost a year of silence, the family of Columbia-born actor Lee Thompson Young is opening up about his tragic death, and spreading the word about a foundation they've started to help others ...

  3. Readers ask: Why did lee thompson young kill himself? › faq › readers-ask-why-did-lee

    Fans of the TNT crime drama were left distraught, Lee Thompson Young committed suicide in August 2013. The 29-year-old actor was reportedly found dead in his Hollywood home by the police. The report further revealed that the young actor had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and had shot himself in his house.

  4. Lee Thompson Young -- Suicide Still a Dark Mystery › 2013/08/21 › lee-thompson-young

    Suicide Still a Dark Mystery. Law enforcement is STUMPED as to why Lee Thompson Young shot himself to death ... TMZ has learned. Our sources say Young did not leave a suicide note. He had a diary...

  5. Lee Thompson Young's suicide case is officially closed. A just-released coroner's report confirms that the 29-year-old Rizzoli & Isles actor died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

  6. Lee Thompson Young: Depression, Religion to Blame For Young ... › 2013 › 08

    With questions continuing to be raised over why Lee Thompson Young killed himself at the age of 29 this week, a new report points to a pair of possible reasons: Depression. Religion.

  7. to E online, actor Lee Thomas Young who committed suicide a fe...

  8. Family Breaks Silence About Lee Thompson Young’s Death ... › 442803 › noticed-periods-sadness

    But when Young committed suicide last year, he was battling with a heavy depression that he couldn’t deal with. The loss of the actor was very tough, as expected, for the family. There are still ...

  9. How 'Rizzoli & Isles' Handled the Death of Lee Thompson Young ... › Entertainment › rizzoli-isles

    How 'Rizzoli & Isles' Handled the Death of Lee Thompson Young. The show addressed the actor's death in the season 5 premiere. A manager for "The Famous Jett Jackson" star says the actor committed ...

  10. Lee Thompson Young - Wikipedia › wiki › Lee_Thompson_Young

    In 2009, Young played a cocky surgical intern in the hit comedy show Scrubs. It is revealed that his character had been overweight during childhood. The character becomes involved in a romance with one of the medical interns. Young played the role of Al Gough, an FBI agent, in the ABC television drama FlashForward. He was written off the show in episode 7, when his character committed suicide to prevent the death of an innocent civilian.

  11. The Tragic Truth Behind Frost's Death On Rizzoli & Isles › 402295 › the-tragic-truth-behind

    Actor Lee Thompson Young brilliantly portrayed the character, a homicide detective who, ironically, can't stand the sight of gory crime scenes or dead bodies — a fact that might suggest he had ...

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