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  1. Much of the description of the Abbey and of the Tilneys comes to us from Austen’s heroine, Catherine Morland. Catherine comes to Bath with dreams of highwaymen and Gothic heroes. She is a 17-year-old girl who loves reading Gothic novels.

  2. A seventeen-year-old raised in a rural parsonage with nine brothers and sisters, Catherine Morland is open, honest, and naïve about the hypocritical ways of society. Her family is neither rich nor poor, and she is unaware of how much stock many people put in wealth and rank.

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  4. Jane Austen visited Bath frequently during her lifetime. Though she did not at all like the society, it gave her a chance to observe their characteristics as an outsider. Both Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are set here. Northanger Abbey was written from 1798 onwards, soon after Jane’s visit to Bath in 1797 and so cal

  5. Northanger Abbey. Northanger Abbey follows Catherine Morland and family friends Mr. and Mrs. Allen as they visit Bath, England. Seventeen year-old Catherine spends her time visiting newly made friends, like Isabella Thorpe, and going to balls. Catherine finds herself pursued by Isabella’s brother John Thorpe and by Henry Tilney.

  6. Catherine is then invited in Bath, where she meets the Tilney family. During a walk, Catherine and her new friends talk about novels. Henry Tilney shows he can enjoy a good gothic novel, or any novel, without ever mistaking it for reality, whereas Catherine shows that she is somewhat confused with this distinction.

  7. Dec 01, 2015 · When they invite Catherine to join them in Bath, a resort town for wealthier members of society, Catherine eagerly accepts. In Bath, She gets introduced to Henry Tilney, a young clergyman who charms her with his wit. Catherine does not see him again and assumes he has left Bath. Mrs. Allen runs into an old acquaintance of hers, Mrs. Thorpe and ...

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