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  1. In Bath, when John thought Catherine loved him, he told General Tilney that Catherine was from a very wealthy family. The General then ran into John much later on his trip away from Northanger Abbey. John was angry, because he had learned that Catherine did not love him, and he angrily told the General that the Morlands were almost poor.

  2. Catherine wants to see the old bedroom of the late Mrs. Tilney, but she cannot see it as long as General Tilney is around. There is no time to try and sneak in, because it is Sunday, and everyone has to attend a morning and afternoon church service, and lunch in between.

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  4. The Tilneys and Catherine dine in a large, well-appointed room, and General Tilney is delighted when Catherine tells him that Mr. Allen’s dining room is only half as big. That night, while a storm rages outside, Catherine tries to comfort herself by going to sleep.

  5. They are pleased that Catherine has met a man with such a large fortune, but they will not sacrifice propriety so that Catherine can be wealthy. For this reason, the Morlands will not approve of her marriage without the proper permission from General Tilney.

  6. A seventeen-year-old raised in a rural parsonage with nine brothers and sisters, Catherine Morland is open, honest, and naïve about the hypocritical ways of society. Her family is neither rich nor poor, and she is unaware of how much stock many people put in wealth and rank.

  7. Catherine was delighted by the number of balls and concerts there were to attend in Bath. These events were staged the Upper and Lower Rooms. It was in the Lower Rooms that the Master of Ceremonies, James King, introduced Catherine to the book’s hero, Henry Tilney. James King was the actual Master of Ceremonies at the time of Jane’s visit in 1797.

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