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  1. In Bath, when John thought Catherine loved him, he told General Tilney that Catherine was from a very wealthy family. The General then ran into John much later on his trip away from Northanger Abbey. John was angry, because he had learned that Catherine did not love him, and he angrily told the General that the Morlands were almost poor.

  2. General Tilney does his utmost to make her comfortable, but his constant ministrations actually begin to bother Catherine. She is also troubled when the General harshly scolds his son Frederick. When Frederick whispers to his sister Eleanor that he will be glad when they have all left, Catherine thinks this is due to the General's tendency to be rude to his children.

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  4. Catherine Morland Character Analysis. A seventeen-year-old raised in a rural parsonage with nine brothers and sisters, Catherine Morland is open, honest, and naïve about the hypocritical ways of society. Her family is neither rich nor poor, and she is unaware of how much stock many people put in wealth and rank.

  5. Catherine has indeed grown convinced that Henry’s father is in fact as terrible as the villains of her gothic novels. Henry surprises her in his mother’s room, and is shocked and disappointed that she has thought his father capable of murder. His shock helps Catherine to understand the difference between novels and reality, as Henry is both quite harsh and also understanding.

  6. Jul 28, 2019 · These two goofballs – Mr. Tilney and Catherine Morland – make an endearing couple as they get each other’s sense of humor. Northanger Abbey is known as Austen’s lightest and sweetest romance. Catherine Morland is a young, innocent girl with far too many fantasies and imaginings due to her constant perusal of gothic novels.

  7. Why does General Tilney drive Catherine out of his house? Because she accuses him openly of killing his wife Because she stole his family's valued heirloom, an antique quilt

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