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  1. On February 23 (March 8, New Style), 1917, the revolution began, but it was neither organized nor immediately recognized as such by any of the existing parties or political groups. Strikes for higher wages at some of Petrograd’s factories had been occurring sporadically for some time, and on that day no fewer than 130,000 men were picketing. To this total must be added the considerable ...

  2. In the Russian Revolution of February 1917, workers' councils (in Russian, soviets) had been formed, and Lenin and the Bolsheviks called for "All power to the Soviets". After the October 1917 Russian revolution, led by Lenin and Trotsky, consolidated power in the Soviets, Lenin declared "Long live the world socialist revolution!".

  3. Permanent revolution is the strategy of a revolutionary class pursuing its own interests independently and without compromise or alliance with opposing sections of society. . As a term within Marxist theory, it was first coined by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as early as 1850, but since then it has been used to refer to different concepts by different theorists, most notably Leon Trots

  4. The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is led by the President General who is elected to the highest office of the Society by the DAR Continental Congress. The President General serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Society and holds one three-year term in office. Each President General carries forward her vision and goals for the National Society while ...

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