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  1. Would you favor statehood for the United States Virgin ... › Would-you-favor-statehood-for-the

    I’m all for getting more States into the Union. I am also for Splitting up certain overly representative states into smaller entities to break up monolithic static voting blocs that disproportionately represent just a certain region of their terri...

  2. Why aren’t there more states? - Quora › Why-aren-t-there-more-states

    New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, SA and WA were all indipendant countries at time of federation. The reason why there's not more states is that that's how many countries we started with.

  3. How different is the concept of a state from the government ... › How-different-is-the-concept-of-a

    A “state” is a much used word to describe a geographic area with borders. A “province” is another word, but implies it is part of a larger entity country. A province or state can each do the same thing as constituent geographic areas each defined ...

  4. Can a state lose statehood? If so, besides a state succeeding ... › Can-a-state-lose-statehood-If-so

    Its a “grey area.” The geography of the Southern States, the actual real estate, never left the legal jurisdiction of the Federal Government, since unilateral secession was always totally illegal.

  5. Why is Northern Territory not a state? - Quora › Why-is-Northern-Territory-not-a-state

    What keeps the Northern Territory from becoming a state? Short Answer The territory doesn't generate enough tax revenue to support itself. It can't survive without funding from all the other states.

  6. Why are Indian reservations part of states, rather than US ... › Why-are-Indian-reservations-part

    I don't think they are part of states. The states have no jurisdiction over reservations. They have what's called tribal sovereignty. They're under the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

  7. What is the reason why In the United States Virgin Islands ... › What-is-the-reason-why-In-the

    Jan 31, 2021 · The United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is the only place under United States jurisdiction where the rule of the road is to drive on the left. However, virtually all passenger vehicles are left hand drive due to imports of U.S. vehicles.

  8. What determines the territorial size of a state or country ... › What-determines-the-territorial

    One word answer: history. Texas was a massive amount of empty space in the north of Mexico. Sparsely populated, the Mexican government invited yankee settlers to develop the place.

  9. Why does the US Virgin Islands drive on the left despite it ... › Why-does-the-US-Virgin-Islands

    A purely local USVI custom. Traffic laws in the US are a strictly state-territorial-local concern not a national one. There is no Federal law mandating which side of the road people should drive on, like there are a whole host of Federal laws on e...

  10. Are hospitals in the United States considered businesses or ... › Are-hospitals-in-the-United-States

    Definitely businesses. There are ‘veteran’ associated hospitals that are entirely Federally supported, and although Obama wished them to be privatized, that’s not going to happen.