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  1. Would the DC statehood bill passed by the House violate the ... › Would-the-DC-statehood-bill-passed

    Not really. But it would go against the original intent of the donors of the land, which was for a Federal District not to be part of any state, in which the government would be located.

  2. Why can’t the US territories have the same rights as states ... › Why-can-t-the-US-territories-have

    As Todd says, US territories lack representation. This makes any effort towards equality between the territories and states difficult. First off they absolutely could, the laws of physics don’t prevent that.

  3. If the DC government declines to control rioting against a ... › If-the-DC-government-declines-to

    I think Nigel Farage should butt out of the affairs of the Colonials, and cease to use the language of colonies with regard to the United States. We settled this matter once, and we are clearly in a foul mood and not above settling it again.

  4. If the United States owns the Virgin Islands, then why aren’t ... › If-the-United-States-owns-the

    The US Virgin Islands are an unincorporated organized territory of the United States. It’s citizens are US Citizens. They are unable to vote for President of the US but they do send delegates to the connections of the political parties, where they...

  5. Can a state lose statehood? If so, besides a state succeeding ... › Can-a-state-lose-statehood-If-so

    Its a “grey area.” The geography of the Southern States, the actual real estate, never left the legal jurisdiction of the Federal Government, since unilateral secession was always totally illegal.

  6. How different is the concept of a state from the government ... › How-different-is-the-concept-of-a

    A “state” is a much used word to describe a geographic area with borders. A “province” is another word, but implies it is part of a larger entity country. A province or state can each do the same thing as constituent geographic areas each defined ...

  7. If Puerto Rico becomes a state, would it be advantageous for ... › If-Puerto-Rico-becomes-a-state

    > If Puerto Rico becomes a state, would it be advantageous for the US Virgin Islands to unify with it? You’d be forgiven for thinking that the the two territories would benefit, even be eager, to combine together.

  8. Why aren’t there more states? - Quora › Why-aren-t-there-more-states

    New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, SA and WA were all indipendant countries at time of federation. The reason why there's not more states is that that's how many countries we started with.

  9. Why is Northern Territory not a state? - Quora › Why-is-Northern-Territory-not-a-state

    What keeps the Northern Territory from becoming a state? Short Answer The territory doesn't generate enough tax revenue to support itself. It can't survive without funding from all the other states.

  10. Why are Indian reservations part of states, rather than US ... › Why-are-Indian-reservations-part

    I don't think they are part of states. The states have no jurisdiction over reservations. They have what's called tribal sovereignty. They're under the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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